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Adeneo Embedded Home Energy Gateway Reference Design Speeds Time-to-Market for Smart Grids


Communications-enabled electricity meters are paving the way for new applications to help homeowners optimize their energy consumption and assist utilities with managing grid loads and preventing power demand peaks. Adeneo Embedded is helping to spearhead industry development of home energy management solutions, also known as smart grids.


Home Energy Gateway (HEG), from Adeneo Embedded in partnership with Freescale Semiconductor, offers features for collecting power consumption data over ZigBee networks from Home Area Network (HAN) appliances; controlling power activation; and communicating with utility networks—all through an easy-to-use, touch-enabled wireless remote user interface.

The HEG platform delivers multisource power consumption data collection, dashboards for monitoring power usage, and menus for appliance control. It also provides ubiquitous WAN access for remote control/readout, activation and de-activation of HAN appliances.


The HEG development board, based on the power-efficient Freescale i.MX28 ARM processor, is a highly integrated and flexible reference platform for jump-starting development in the areas of demand response, smart management, and energy consumption monitoring.

Available through Adeneo Embedded, the reference design provides a streamlined set of tools to ease development of connected, immersive, and intelligent in-home devices, and includes the Windows Embedded Compact 7 BSP in source code at no additional cost.

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