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ABC Systèmes IT Integrator Expects to Increase Revenue 10 to 30 Percent with Online PC Management

ABC Systèmes wanted to build new revenue streams by delivering a simple, centralized, PC management solution that would not generate high infrastructure and maintenance costs. In late 2010, the company expanded its offerings to include Windows Intune, a hosted PC management solution from Microsoft. Now, ABC Systèmes will be able to reach new customers and develop new revenue sources, without straining its own resources.

Business Needs
ABC Systèmes is a value-added reseller that specializes in real-time IT monitoring and technical support solutions for approximately 500 active customers. Based near Paris, France, ABC Systèmes is a member of the global Microsoft Partner Network. The company has 80 employees, including 50 technicians, project managers, and consultants.

While ABC Systèmes had experience deploying on-premises solutions for its customers, it sought new ways to deliver services and build recurring revenue streams. So the company began evaluating cloud technology—computing resources hosted in offsite data centers and delivered as online services—and in 2008, ABC Systèmes began delivering cloud-based messaging and collaboration solutions to its customers.

By offering online services, ABC Systèmes can deliver the Microsoft messaging and collaboration tools that businesses need to stay productive for a low, monthly subscription fee, without requiring a large infrastructure investment from its customers. Consequently, many of the company’s customers for online services are smaller to midsize businesses.

ABC Systèmes decided to start offering cloud-based PC-management services as well, because the company had found it challenging to deliver complex and expensive on-premises PC-management solutions to its customers. “We could monitor PCs with one solution, manage updates with another, and protect against malicious software with a third, but first we’d have to install all kinds of hardware and software,” says Emmanuel Lévy, Technology and Strategy Director at ABC Systèmes. “It’s hard to sell a system one piece at a time.”

ABC Systèmes saw that it could grow its business by helping customers of all sizes standardize and monitor their PCs, deploy security updates, and respond to IT issues remotely, no matter where users are located. To that end, it sought a simple, centralized, PC-management solution that it could deliver without generating high infrastructure and maintenance costs for itself or its customers.

After the success it experienced with Microsoft cloud technology, ABC Systèmes began evaluating Windows Intune, a hosted PC-management and security solution. The company began offering a beta version of Windows Intune to customers in late 2010.

* With Windows Intune, we have a single, centralized tool we can use to easily deliver reliable, remote PC management; it’s a great investment for us. *

Emmanuel Lévy
Technology and Strategy Director, ABC Systèmes

Support teams from ABC Systèmes can use Windows Intune to remotely manage customers’ PCs, as long as employees have a standard Internet connection and Microsoft Silverlight-enabled browser. In this way, ABC Systèmes can monitor customers’ mobile PCs and deploy software and security updates, even if users are not connected to their company network. With Windows Intune, ABC Systèmes administrators also can help safeguard customer PCs from security threats such as malicious software—or malware—through features built on the same Microsoft Malware Protection Engine used by the Microsoft Forefront Protection Suite.

In addition, ABC Systèmes can use the asset inventory tool in Windows Intune to help customers keep track of the hardware and software in their PC environment. And, because Windows Intune subscriptions include upgrade rights for the Windows 7 Enterprise operating system, ABC Systèmes can help customers upgrade and standardize their PC environments without the expense and complexity often associated with an operating system upgrade. For example, Windows Intune subscribers can add the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, which includes tools to diagnose computer problems and resolve application-compatibility issues, for just a small increase in their monthly subscription fee.

With the new services it can deliver with Windows Intune, ABC Systèmes expects to reach new customers, develop new revenue sources, and expand its offerings, all without straining the company’s own resources.

More Customers, Increased Revenue
By offering Windows Intune, ABC Systèmes can develop new sources of revenue by finding new ways to sell more services to more customers. Lévy expects customers that already have a service contract with ABC Systèmes or that subscribe to the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite—a Microsoft cloud-based service that integrates Microsoft Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Office Communications Online—to subscribe to Windows Intune for centralized PC management, protection against malicious software, and the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 7 Enterprise.

“For customers who want to lower the cost of their messaging and collaboration infrastructure, we can offer the Business Productivity Online Standard Suite; and to help them manage their PCs, enhance mobility and security, and upgrade their operating system, we can offer them Windows Intune, without asking them to commit to a big software and hardware investment,” says Lévy. “Our sales team has new ways to talk to customers, and more opportunities to sell new services. I believe we will increase revenue by 10 to 30 percent.”

New Capabilities in Portfolio
ABC Systèmes now includes remote PC management among its offerings. “Before, we actually tried to exclude PC management from our contracts because installing and integrating multiple on-premises products was so complex and time-consuming,” says Lévy. “With Windows Intune, we have a single, centralized tool we can use to easily deliver reliable, remote PC management; it’s a great investment for us.”

Expanded Offerings Without New Investment
By using Windows Intune, ABC Systèmes can deliver critical services to new and existing customers without straining its own resources. “With Windows Intune, we have a complete platform that our support teams can use to manage our customers’ PCs more efficiently,” says Lévy. “We can deliver new services, expand accounts, and generate new revenue without having to invest heavily in new infrastructure.”

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ABC Systèmes, a French value-added reseller and system integrator, serves approximately 500 active customers. The company, which was founded in 1995, reported revenue of U.S.$17.9 million in 2009.

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