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Ames Golf & Country Club Country Club Saves $3,000 Annually in IT Costs with Cloud-Based Management Tool

Ames Golf & Country Club needed a better way to manage its computers, avoid downtime, and get critical updates. With the help of Heartland Technology Solutions, a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, the organization deployed Windows Intune, a cloud-based management solution that IT professionals can use to remotely manage computers. As a result, Ames reduces costs, improves asset tracking, and makes better business decisions.

Business Needs
Ames Golf & Country Club, located just north of Ames, Iowa, serves almost 1,000 members. The organization’s employees rely on third-party software to manage hundreds of daily transactions, data entry, and reporting tasks. The computers running this software were experiencing issues that significantly impacted the organization’s ability to conduct business.

To sustain IT productivity, the organization wanted to improve computer management and gain insights into the company’s assets. “If a computer running a line-of-business application goes down because of a virus or deferred maintenance, it’s like the power going out in a supermarket,” says Cory Strait, General Manager of Ames Golf & Country Club. “We needed to ensure our computers are running at their best—and avoid downtime.”

Ames called on its IT partner, Heartland Technology Solutions (HTS), a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, to manage and maintain its computers and avoid debilitating downtime caused by malicious software or performance issues. When HTS reviewed the company’s infrastructure, it noticed that the club’s computers couldn’t receive critical updates when they were disconnected from the company network.

Ames Golf & Country Club also wanted to make better use of its IT investments. When the organization needed to inventory its hardware and software, IT professionals from HTS visited the Ames Golf & Country Club office to help manually track the assets. This increased the organization’s support costs.

“We wanted to reduce costs by limiting the amount of time that these IT professionals need to spend onsite helping us address issues and track inventory,” says Strait. “But we also wanted to give them insight into the health of our computers.”

Ames Golf & Country Club and HTS worked together to find a cloud-based PC management solution that would help the organization reduce on-site support costs and increase uptime, while enabling HTS to provide better computer management services.

Together, Ames Golf & Country Club and HTS chose to deploy Windows Intune software and services, a cloud-based management solution that HTS IT professionals can use to remotely manage the club’s computers.

* Instead of … having an IT professional come onsite to help, we can use the remote assistance capabilities of Windows Intune to address the problem. It saves time and up to $3,000 annually. *

Cory Strait
General Manager, Ames Golf & Country Club

“HTS is looking out for our best interests. That’s why they suggested deploying Windows Intune,” Strait says. “As soon as we discovered Windows Intune, we knew we could conserve IT costs while keeping our computers running at their best.”

With Windows Intune, HTS IT professionals can access a summary of alerts and statuses for all managed computers. They can determine which updates have already been installed and which computers still need updates. HTS IT professionals can log on to the online console to schedule, deploy, and assign updates—even when they are disconnected from the Ames Golf & Country Club corporate network.

Because HTS IT professionals use Windows Intune to remotely manage all of the club’s computers, as well as track hardware and software inventory, they can check the status of updates and resolve IT issues from virtually anywhere. For Ames Golf & Country Club, this translates into reduced IT costs.

By adopting Windows Intune, Ames Golf & Country Club lowers its IT costs, improves asset tracking, and makes better business decisions.

“Running our business more efficiently while saving money is of paramount importance,” says Strait. “Windows Intune gives our IT partners better ways to manage our computers, provide remote assistance, and track our hardware and software inventory. It’s the solution we’ve been looking for.”

Lowers Support Costs
Ames Golf & Country Club employees can initiate service requests through Windows Intune. HTS IT professionals can then take control of the club’s computers remotely, determine the problem, and resolve it.

“With Windows Intune, HTS can rapidly respond to our requests for help,” says Strait. “Instead of spending time trying to explain the issue over the phone—which usually meant an IT professional coming onsite—we can use the remote capabilities of Windows Intune to address the problem. It saves time and up to [U.S.]$3,000 annually.”

Improves Asset Tracking
Because Windows Intune is cloud-based, IT professionals at HTS can track hardware and software assets from virtually anywhere. In addition, they can run reports that identify installed applications.

“With Windows Intune, HTS can determine our hardware specs, such as available drive space,” says Strait. “In fact, just the other day, an HTS technician noticed that my computer was low on hard disk space and recommended that I purchase another one before it disrupted my workflow.”

Clarifies Business Decisions
With more uptime, reduced costs, and improved asset management, Ames not only saves time and money, but also makes better business decisions. “Instead of spending time asking for help, we can make IT investments proactively—whether we’re purchasing a new computer or updating our software,” says Strait. “As a result, we can run our business more efficiently. At the end of the day, that’s what matters most. Windows Intune has made all of this possible.”

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