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Swallowcourt Care Home Provider Centralises IT Management with Cost-Effective Solution

Swallowcourt is the largest private care provider in Cornwall, offering long-term residential, respite, and nursing care. With help from Microsoft Partner Aztek Technologies, it decided to upgrade its antivirus software, choosing to deploy Windows Intune. Now, in addition to effective antivirus software, Swallowcourt has a centralised, up-to-date, and cost-efficient infrastructure through which it can manage its entire computer estate.

Business Needs

Swallowcourt has several computers at each of its seven care homes throughout west Cornwall. The company also has around a dozen devices at its head office and six laptops used by employees on the road. With so many computers in so many different places, IT management was a complex challenge for the organisation.

Hiring an engineer to travel between sites was too expensive, so Robin Edwards, Finance Director at Swallowcourt, had no way of knowing if all devices were up to

date and properly protected against malware. “It was a worrying situation,” says Edwards.

It was also difficult to budget effectively. With no accurate hardware inventory, Edwards couldn’t tell which computers needed to be replaced or upgraded. He also faced the significant cost of buying a Windows Professional licence for each new computer.


Swallowcourt was using several different antivirus providers. During part of a free IT audit, Aztek Technologies suggested standardising on Windows Intune. It was immediately clear that the solution could also help the firm address some of its other IT challenges.

Windows Intune centralises device management, even if those devices are outside the company network, so Edwards can monitor and manage all devices—including PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets—in real time from a simple web interface. He says: “I sleep better at night knowing there’s protection across all devices.”

The monthly cost of each Windows Intune licence also comes with a licence for the latest version of Windows, which allows Swallowcourt to upgrade and replace older machines without additional upfront licence costs. “We pay the same for Windows Intune as other antivirus software and we get so much more,” says Edwards.


Adopting Windows Intune has allowed Swallowcourt to develop a connected and centralised IT system at a price that’s affordable for a small to medium-sized enterprise. Edwards says: “Before we deployed Windows Intune, we knew we had various IT challenges, but we assumed there weren’t any solutions readily available. At least, not ones that a company of our size could afford."

Effective antivirus protection. “Windows Intune just picks up any problems and deals with them,” says Edwards. All Swallowcourt devices are now protected by advanced Microsoft antivirus software, which updates automatically over the Internet, whether the computer is connected to the company network or not.

Real-time monitoring. Now it’s easy to manage each laptop, computer, or other device from a central management console. Edwards can spot issues before they become expensive problems and raise them with Aztek Technologies.

Cost control. Windows Intune provides an inventory report at the click of a button, so it’s hard for employees to claim they need a new laptop when their existing one is fit for purpose. On the other hand, it’s easier to spot devices that are nearing the end of their life cycles and need to be upgraded.

Up-to-date software. Not only can all of the company’s machines upgrade to the most up to date version of Windows, but each user licence is also transferable, so Swallowcourt can replace hardware without having to buy a new Windows licence each time.

Software safety. Windows Intune allows Edwards to see immediately if an employee downloads unlicensed or inappropriate software, which could put the company’s data or reputation at risk. With over-the-air distribution, Windows Intune lets him install licensed software without leaving his desk.

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Swallowcourt owns and operates care homes in Cornwall. Now in its 30th year, the company offers a range of care services for the elderly and people with learning disabilities.

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