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Aayan Leasing and Investment Company Investment Company Reduces Hardware Costs by 50 Per Cent with Virtualisation

A’ayan Leasing and Investment Company of Kuwait provides high-quality rental, real estate, and investment services to companies in the Gulf region. The organisation wanted to simplify data centre management and lower the cost of its hardware by virtualising its data centre with Windows Server 2008 and Hyper-V technology. Since it migrated to the Microsoft Hyper-V virtualisation solution, the business has reduced hardware costs by 50 per cent, and licence costs by 60 per cent.

Business Needs

Founded in 1999, A’ayan Leasing and Investment Company is one of the highest profile businesses in Kuwait. Its 250 employees help customers identify investment opportunities—particularly in real estate—in the Gulf region. It also leases vehicles and medical equipment to third parties. The A’ayan IT team must ensure that all hardware and applications are reliable, but this was becoming more difficult because the data centre had grown too complex and expensive for the eight-man team to maintain.

The company started looking for a technology partner to virtualise its hardware and applications. It wanted to:

  • Cut hardware costs

  • Reduce application licence fees

  • Simplify server management and maintenance

  • Consolidate all applications to one central location


The A’ayan IT team engaged in a project to establish a virtualised environment based on Hyper-V technology, which is available as part of Windows Server 2008 R2. A’ayan purchased the solution under its Microsoft Enterprise Agreement for low-cost volume licensing of software.

It initially considered using a VMware solution, but chose Hyper-V after conducting a successful pilot project of the Microsoft technology. It also found that under its Enterprise Agreement, Hyper-V was a more cost-effective solution. A’ayan used Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 to migrate many of its physical servers to virtual machines. With the solution:

  • Data centre management is centralised

  • Virtual servers are created and controlled from a single console

  • The IT team dynamically adjusts server memory or storage as needed

  • The number of physical servers has been reduced from 20 to eight.

  • Server configuration now takes one hour instead of the three hours.

  • The cost of hardware has been reduced by 50 per cent.

  • Power and cooling costs are 50 per cent less than before virtualisation.

  • Environmental impact is reduced due to electricity savings.

  • Restoring servers from backup takes one hour instead of eight hours.

  • A’ayan has lowered its application licence costs by 60 per cent.

  • Test environments for new applications are created in minutes.

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A’ayan Leasing and Investment Company provides a diverse range of services, including car hire, financing, real estate trading, and investment fund development.

Software & Services
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008
  • Microsoft Hyper-V

  • Financial Services
  • Capital Markets/Securities


  • Cloud & Server Platform
  • Cost Containment
  • Data Management
  • Data Protection and Recovery
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Support and Services

  • Virtualization
  • Data Warehousing


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