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AMOREPACIFIC Achieved the goal of 'green, security and productivity' by desktop upgrade

Amore Pacific has, since its inception in 1945, been showered with love and trust from customers to become the most esteemed beauty company in Korea. Amore Pacific has sophisticated its enterprise-wide desktop environment from September 2010 to the first half of 2012. This project is to upgrade entire core components of desktop business environment ranging from operating system and Office to web browser. The company decided to upgrade browser first, followed by the OS and then Office for a given period, since users may be reluctant to use it due to their rapid exposure to the newest environment. As of June 2011, Amore Pacific has 40 percent of overall PCs where Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8 are distributed, and will start to provide Office 2010 in late 2011, with Windows 7 and Explorer 9 installed in new PCs. Through this project, the company expects to sophisticate the desktop infrastructure in terms of management, resulting in energy savings, enhanced security, etc. as well as take the enterprise-wide business productivity to the next level.


Amore Pacific has continued to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 12.8 percent for recent 5 years, and open the era of one million won of share price called dream share price in June 2010. The company is devoted to investment for its continued growth.

It made a focused investment on IT in the beauty and house hold item industry. It has been the earliest adopter of the latest technology in the industry, regardless of front office or back office. This tradition lasted in 2010.

Amore Pacific drove the enterprise-wide desktop advancement in 2010. It had decided to upgrade the Windows XP-based desktop software which it had introduced into its organization in 2006.

Its desktop advancement includes 3 parts of Operating System (OS), Web browser and Office Suite. It intended to make desktop infrastructure advanced from the perspective of business productivity beyond a just installation of the latest OS. Its thorough preparation made the company take an enterprise-wide infrastructure view of innovation, rather than looking at things from the viewpoint of a single device for end-users in the past.

Amore Pacific had prepared for almost 2 years before it started, ensuring application compatibility in terms of technology and carrying out research for advanced case in terms of strategy. Regarding this, Hyekyeong Son, Team Leader of Information Strategy Team, Amore Pacific, said, “We have optimized business applications for the latest desktop environment while carrying out the verification for compatibility according to the guide provided by Microsoft.” She added, “We have driven the pilot project of transition to Windows 7 in June 2010, and where the verification for compatibility of about 110 internal business systems and about 30 third-party applications has performed.”

Hyekyeong Son said, “We researched the advanced case prior to the pilot project, and heard the real story from Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), one of companies benchmarked.” She added, “A manager of KBS said that when they distributed the solution, users were all satisfied with it and the worry of overwhelming inquiries to helpdesk turned out to be completely unfounded.”

Finished the compatibility verification through the pilot project, encountering the real cases, Amore Pacific took the first step toward the desktop advancement in the second half of 2010.


Amore Pacific selected the gradual transition based on the PC replacement cycle, not a batch distribution. It has introduced the Internet Explorer 8 first, followed by Windows 7 and then Office 2010. A reason for this gradual process is to give consideration for users.

Hyekyeong Son stated, “Users are usually reluctant to rapid change of environment. We thought helping users recognize advantages of the latest environment was the essence of change management rather than pressing new software on them.”

Information Strategy Team of Amore Pacific tried first small changes to reduce shocks by the great change, and it turned out to be very effective. The team had Internet Explorer 8 distributed first and it featured a new function, Accelerator enabling users to get directly to the place. It enables users to get to the place with one or two clicks, which used to be attained by painstakingly drilling down to deeper levels of menu. This made users feel ease of working.

The team created the company’s desktop image and distributed new PC with the image installed while trying to improve user recognition about the new technology. PCs that were up for the first distribution were about 400 and the image containing Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8 and other business applications was installed on them. What else was remarkable was to let the Windows 7 User Guide contained in the enterprise desktop image.

Heykyeong Son said, “It is not convenient to use the new thing. So what we thought was not only posting a notice, but also letting the user guide contained in enterprise desktop image for user reference.” She added, “The promotion guide we prepared to post was not a document containing only texts, but a form of cartoon. This is because cartoon is the media that users look at even just one time.”

Microsoft helped us prepare the user guide. The team picked out things useful within enterprise environment from the contents of Windows 7 user guide created by Microsoft and contained them in the enterprise desktop image.

After finishing the first distribution, the team has distributed Windows 7 Service Pack 1 in batch through the DMS (Desktop Management Tool) from the central site in early 2011.

The team plans to raise the transition to Windows 7 up to 100 percent within the first half of 2012. However, from the subsequent distribution, Internet Explorer to be contained in the desktop image will be changed into version 9.

Office 2010 upgrade, the third challenge of desktop advancement, is scheduled in the second half of 2011 and regarding this, the change management like user training will be carried out.


Save the energy

Information Strategy Team of Amore Pacific has a great expectation of enterprise power management feature provided in Windows 7, which enables centralized management and control of brightness of display, shift into a low power mode, etc.

She said, “Some users keep their desktops on like servers. In this case, it is possible to reduce unnecessary energy consumption by using the power management feature provided by Windows 7.”

Enhance the security

Enterprise-wide browser upgrade performed before and after Windows 7 distribution enabled users to respond to a variety of security threats with agility. The team has already felt that the security features of Internet Explorer 8 including integrated security filter, smart screen, and protection from malicious code and prevention from cross site scripting are in different generation from the previous version.

HyeKyeong Son stated, “The latest browser is embedded with the features which are able to make the threats and attacks of modern security breach helpless. And it eases the burden of desktop security for the team.”

Create synergy

The team sees that it is possible to provide more flexible business environment, when the user desktop environment is standardized on Windows 7, Office 2010 and Internet Explorer 9.

HyeKyeong Son said, “The fist distribution has finished up to 40% in September 2010, and the rest of 60% will be completed in 2012 with Internet Explorer 9 contained in the desktop image. In addition, from the late 2011, we will make the Office 2010 widespread across the organization from the late 2011.” She added, “We expect to have great synergy among the newest version of OS, Office and Web browser, when the entire environment is upgraded.”

Speed up the task

The team has witnessed the taskbar brought a small but big change. In Windows 7, users can place the programs and files of Office 2010 in the spot they want on its taskbar, and in Explorer 9 as well, put the frequently visited site on the taskbar to access to it directly without running the browser. It seems to be a trifling feature, but it makes the several-step work a single click one.

Hyekyeong Son recalled, “I used to keeping web sites, Excel or Word files floated on when working. UI featured by Windows 7 allows me to have greater visibility to the pane I want to see and to have access to the program or site I want, leaving a pleasant memory in mind of me.”

Realize ROI of 789%

The team sees they will be benefiting, including energy savings, improved convenience of operation and management and enhanced user productivity year by year.

Considering 80% of its users are using notebook, the team estimates the ROI from Windows 7-based desktop operation will reach 789% for 3 years. This number is projected estimates drawn by entering data like the number of PCs and environments across the company in Windows 7 ROI tool (

Windows 7

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For more information about Windows 7, go to:

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For more information about Microsoft products and services, call the Microsoft Sales Information Center at (800) 426-9400. In Canada, call the Microsoft Canada Information Centre at (877) 568-2495. Customers who are deaf or hard-of-hearing can reach Microsoft text telephone (TTY/TDD) services at (800) 892-5234 in the United States or (905) 568-9641 in Canada. Outside the 50 United States and Canada, please contact your local Microsoft subsidiary. To access information using the World Wide Web, go to:

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Established in 1945, Amore Pacific covers skin care, makeup, mass cosmetic and green tea as its core business areas. It is a global corporation specialized in beauty and heath, with operations in America, Europe and Asia.


As the company has expanded its size, the need for making the business efficiency of its employees improved as well as the management of extended desktop infrastructure more efficient has come out.


It has upgraded core components of its desktop business environment to Windows7, Office 2010, Internet Explorer 9, etc.


  • Save the energy
  • Enhance the security
  • Create synergy
  • Speed up the task
  • Realize ROI of 789%

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