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      Virtual PC is a powerful software virtualization solution that allows you to run multiple PC-based operating systems simultaneously on one workstation, providing a safety net to maintain compatibility with legacy applications while you migrate to a new operating system. It also saves reconfiguration time, so your support, development, and training staff can work more efficiently.

      This is a 45-day time-out, full version of the Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 product. No serial number is required.
  • Unterstütztes Betriebssystem

    Windows 2000 Professional Edition ; Windows Server 2003; Windows XP Professional Edition; Windows XP Service Pack 1; Windows XP Service Pack 2

      Here are the minimum system requirements to use Microsoft Virtual PC 2004:

      Processor: Athlon®, Duron®, Celeron®, Pentium® II, Pentium III, or Pentium 4
      Processor speed: 400 MHz minimum (1 GHz recommended)
      RAM: Add the RAM requirement for the host operating system that you will be using to the requirement for the guest operating system that you will be using. If you will be using multiple guest operating systems simultaneously, total the requirements for all the guest operating systems that you need to run simultaneously.
      Available disk space: To determine the hard disk space required, add the requirement for each guest operating system that will be installed.
      Other: Level-2 cache and CD-ROM required
      Virtual PC 2004 runs on: Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Professional, and Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
    • See the Evaluation Guide to find out how easy it is to install and use Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 and to take advantage of its powerful capabilities.