Broadband Provider Finds the Right Solution with Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace

Based in Champaign, Illinois, Pavlov Media is the largest private provider of broadband services to off-campus student housing in the United States, bringing gigabit (1,000 Mbps) speeds to residents.

Managing complex projects is critical to Pavlov Media’s success, requiring permits from multiple government bodies, scheduling materials and con-tractors in stages, and ensuring every aspect of the project is completed correctly, on schedule, and within budget.

Pavlov Media had been using a custom-built project tracking system but found it to be inflexible and frustrating to use. They wanted a new project management system that would give them control over their projects, with flexibility to adapt to each project’s circumstances, which would be easy to use and would integrate with other business management systems.

“We had been looking for a project management solution, and were interested in having a solution that integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, primarily for the ease of administration, ease of use, and the ability to be easily understood by our developers,” said Isaac Galvan, associate vice president of information technology, Pavlov Media.

The Search: Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace
In searching for a new solution, Pavlov Media turned to the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, an online resource for locating and reviewing business applications designed to work with Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions. Pavlov Media has been using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for its customer relationship management processes, and wanted a project management system that would easily integrate with its customer, inven-tory, payroll, and invoicing systems.

“Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace enabled us to review, very quickly and in an organized fashion, all of our options, and learn which one is the best solution for us,” said Galvan.

Through Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace, Pavlov Media was able to easily learn more about potential solutions by downloading demos and documentation, reading reviews from other customers, and using the “Try It Free” feature to run a live version of the software.
Pavlov Media reviewed several solutions and determined that the proRM Sales, Project, and Resource Management Solution from Microsoft Dynamics independent solution vendor proMX would deliver the best combination of features, flexibility, ease of use, and cost benefit to their company.

“Our search led us to the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace site; we found several solutions there, and we engaged with a few of them,” said Galvan. “We found that proRM’s features were the most consistent with our needs, and they were willing to work with us on additional features that were specific to us. We received live demonstrations from the vendor, the documentation was readily available, and we had great training sessions. They really taught our staff how to use the system.”

The Solution: proRM
The proRM solution has been recognized as the “Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Solution of the Year” by Microsoft. proRM provides project and resource planning functionality, real-time reporting, revenue forecasting, advanced HR management functionalities, intuitive project-based activity recordings via Microsoft Outlook, integrated billing assistance, and im-port/export compatibility with Microsoft Project.

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics
proRM has achieved the “Certified for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011” designation, signifying that the solution has met the highest Microsoft standard for partner-developed software. Solutions that are certified for Microsoft Dynamics have demonstrated development quality and com-patibility with the Microsoft Dynamics product on which they run by passing rigorous software testing for Microsoft Dynamics.

Companies like Pavlov Media who are looking for quality, verified solutions can look for the “Certified for Microsoft Dynamics” logo on the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace website to help them identify solutions that may be well-suited to their needs.

“Being an IT company, we recognize the importance of finding a product that works, that’s proven, that comes from a reputable vendor,” said Galvan. “Knowing that proRM was certified by Microsoft was a very big influence in our decision.”

A New Way for Developers to Get the Word Out
The Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace has proven to be a boon to Microsoft independent solution vendors like proMX.
“We immediately recognized the value of the search engine aspect of the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace,” said Ruth Philipp, channel and sales director at proMX. “We feel it is the future of marketing. We jumped at the chance to have Microsoft help its customers find us. Being associated with Microsoft is good for our business.”

Once proMX has identified a high-quality lead, they can then contact one of their network of certified implementation partners to assist with implementation and manage the relationship with the customer.

“We have generated more than 1,000 leads through Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace in the past year, which we then forward to our partners,” said Philipp. “These are high-quality leads, because the customers are already invested in Microsoft Dynamics solutions, and they can download the trial version, read the documentation, and ask questions.”

The Partner:
After Pavlov Media selected proRM for their project management solution, they were connected with Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner EmergeNext ADNM, who implemented the solution. EmergeNext ADNM provides management and technology consulting services to midsize and large enterprises, and specializes in implementing accounting and financial reporting systems and providing consulting and outsourcing services to companies operating in multinational environments.

Eric Carlson, consultant at Emergenext ADNM, says that 99 % of the proRM customers he works with come to him through the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace. “proMX forwards the lead to us in a workflow document, so we have all the data we need. I can then fill out the lead form as the relationship progresses and send it back to proMX, which keeps both parties apprised.”

Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace enabled us to review, very quickly and in an organized fashion, all of our options, and learn which one is the best solution for us.
Isaac Galvan, Associate Vice President of Information Technology,
Pavlov Media

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  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
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