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Microsoft® XNA®™
Microsoft XNA is composed of industry-leading software, services, resources and communities focused on enabling game developers, and those who want to become one, to be successful on Microsoft gaming platforms.

Microsoft XNA Game Studio is a new game development solution for developing games in an easy and efficient way. XNA Game Studio works with all versions of Visual Studio® 2008 or Visual C# 2008 Express. It lets developers create games for Windows, Xbox360 and the Zune Player with minimal expenditure.

As a Premium member of the XNA Creator`s Club, you can sell your Games at the Xbox LIVE-Marketplace. Additionally, you get access to a huge amount of tutorials, samples, starter kits and forums. For students this membership is available for free* over MSDN Academic Alliance:

More information, subscription and free download of Microsoft XNA and Visual C# 2008:

For beginners, we recommend a book called Microsoft XNA Game Studio 2.0: Learn Programming Now!: