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Research & Development

Microsoft Innovation Cluster for Embedded Software (ICES)
The Microsoft Innovation Cluster for Embedded Software (ICES) is operated by Microsoft Switzerland and the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology in Zurich and Lausanne (ETHZ and EPFL). The role of the ICES is to develop embedded technology software solutions and prototypes: systems for independently controlling and monitoring objects and devices of all types. Microsoft’s commitment to cutting-edge Information and Communications Technology (ICT) research will help strengthen Switzerland’s knowledge base and competitive position, and promote the training of young IT talent. The ICES is closely coordinated with Microsoft Research in Cambridge, UK and with other Microsoft research initiatives.

Computer Science Department at ETH Zurich
ETH has a long running and successful history of designing computer systems and developing software tools. Out of this, the Department of Computer Science was formed in 1981. Since then, the department has quickly grown and developed into the renowned institution it is today. Currently, more than 30 professors from over 10 countries are active at this institution. More than 200 PhD students and research assistants, and over 50 postdocs and senior scientists contribute to maintain the high standards in research and teaching for which the department is known worldwide. More than 800 students (about 500 in the Bachelor's program and 300 in the Master's program) benefit from this directly and many have gone on to innovative careers in research, education and industry.

In research and education, the department covers a broad spectrum of thematic areas with focuses on: Software Engineering and Programming Languages, Computational Intelligence, Information and Computer Systems, Networks and Distributed Systems, Algorithms and Theory, Information Security Computer Graphics and Vision, and Scientific Computing and Computational Sciences.

The strong links between the department and a wide range of industry and business foster a mutually beneficial climate of academic rigor and practical relevance. In particular, the department maintains a set of long-term research collaborations with such global high-tech players as Microsoft, IBM, Google, SAP and Disney. More

Microsoft Research (MSR)
Connect the Swiss academic research world with Microsoft Research: Microsoft Research Global and Microsoft Research Cambridge. More

Microsoft Innovation Center Rapperswil
The Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) in Rapperswil, Switzerland, imparts expert IT knowledge. The center aims at facilitating the creation of innovative and future-oriented software and provides its competence on technology and methodology to software manufacturers. More