Microsoft Exchange Server Management Pack for MOM 2005

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The Exchange Server Management Pack monitors Exchange Server 2000 and 2003.
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      The Exchange Server Management Pack includes rules and scripts to track performance, availability, and reliability of Exchange components, such as Internet-related services, Extensible Storage Engine, System Attendant, Microsoft Exchange Information Store service, and SMTP.
      This management pack not only validates the availability of communication services but also sends test e-mail to verify operations and measures actual delivery times.
      The Exchange Management Pack Configuration Wizard provides a graphical user interface to configure Exchange 2000 and Exchange 2003 Management Packs, including test mailboxes, message tracking, and monitoring services.
      The Exchange Server Management Pack Guide for MOM 2005 explains how to use the Exchange Management Pack to monitor and maintain messaging resources. You can download the management pack guide from the Microsoft Web site (

      Release History:

      11/02/2005 Original release

      10/12/2006 The Microsoft Exchange Server Management Pack for MOM 2005 was recently updated in ‘Version’ only under “Quick Details”. This was a cosmetic update to the page, no modifications were made to the management pack.
  • Unterstütztes Betriebssystem

    Windows 2000; Windows 2000 Advanced Server; Windows 2000 Professional Edition ; Windows 2000 Server; Windows 2000 Service Pack 4; Windows Server 2003

      • Other Software: Microsoft Operations Manager 2005, Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 or Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

    • To Download the Management Pack
      1. Click on the link to the right, and download the Management Pack executable.

      2. Double Click on the Management Pack executable and follow the instructions to extract the Management Pack files to a temporary directory.

      Importing a Management Pack and Reports
      You can import this Management Pack and reports using the Microsoft Operations Manager administrator console and following these steps:

      1. Open the Microsoft Operations Manager administrator MMC console.

      2. Expand the Microsoft Operations Manager node.

      3. Right click on the Management Packs sub-node and then select the Import/Export Management Pack… option..