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Create or edit a quote

Most sales begin with a price quote, which eventually becomes an order.

You'll probably edit a quote multiple times as a sale progresses. Initially, you create a draft, and then you need to activate it when it's ready to go to a customer.

When the customer accepts the quote, you create an order. Otherwise, you close the quote as revised, canceled, or lost.

  1. Follow the steps for the app you're using.

    If using the CRM web application

    1. On the nav bar, click or tap Microsoft Dynamics CRM > Sales.

      Sales appears on the nav bar.

    2. Click or tap Sales > Quotes.

    If using CRM for Outlook

    1. In the Navigation Pane, expand your organization if necessary, and then click or tap Sales > Collatoral > Quotes.

  2. Click or tap New, or click or tap the quote you want to edit.

  3. Fill in your information. Use the handy tooltips as a guide.

    Required fields are:

    • Quote ID

      This ID is created automatically and can't be edited.

    • Revision ID

      This ID is created automatically and can't be edited. The Revision ID tracks the number of times the quote has been changed.

    • Name

      Type a name between 1 and 100 characters.

    • Currency

      Select the currency in which the quote will be calculated.

    • Price List

      Select the price list from the product catalog.

    • Potential Customer

      Search for and select the account or contact who will receive this quote.

  4. Click or tap Save.


means the field is required.

means your organization recommends that you fill in the field.

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