Executives Prescribe CRM Customer Service Solution to Cure Swiss Medical Advisory

When in-network customers want medical advice, they call the Swiss firm of Medi24. In fact, nursing professionals and physicians can answer upwards of 3,500 calls per day. Given such a large call volume, even small improvements in efficiency add up to significant savings. That motivated managers to implement Microsoft Dynamics® CRM and integrate it with the firm's new Alcatel phone system. This newly integrated customer service contact center solution quickly delivered fast time to value and productivity gains.

Business Needs

Medi24 is the leading medical advisory center in Switzerland. It is a subsidiary of the Swiss insurance company ELVIA and a member of the Mondial Assistance Group, the leading international provider of assistance services.

Medi24 health care professionals provide medical advice in four languages to the two million eligible patients on behalf of Swiss health insurers that contract with Medi24. To provide these services, Medi24 operates a contact center. On a busy day, a staff of 100 nursing professionals and physicians can answer up to 3,500 calls a day.  While most of the calls deal with acute health problems, the medical advisors help patients with issues such as making arrangements for medical care or answering questions about specific medications.

With hundreds of thousands of calls flowing into the contact center every year, even small improvements in efficiency could yield notable savings. "My first task upon starting here at Medi24 was to connect an Alcatel-Lucent telephone system with the existing, proprietary CRM [customer relationship management] solution," recalls Roman Feierabend, Director of IT Services for Medi24. "An in-depth analysis showed that the old application could not meet our needs. So we had to seek out a modern, flexible, contact center CRM solution that easily integrated with our phone system."


After an extensive evaluation, Feierabend and his team selected Microsoft Dynamics® CRM for customer service and support. One advantage that helped tip the decision in its favor was the availability of the Genesys GPlus Adapter, which enables seamless communications between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the call center's Alcatel telephone solutions.

*From the very beginning, the integrated solution was absolutely stable and our people handled it brilliantly. Users adopted the system so quickly that the benefits added up fast.*

Roman Feierabend
Director of IT Services, Medi24

There were additional reasons for the selection as Feierabend explains. "Our advisors come from the health care field and are not 'IT geeks,' so the user-friendliness of the solution was a crucial factor. At the same time we needed to easily adapt the CRM solution to new requirements while the system is in use.”

To develop the most practice-oriented user interface possible for health care advisors, the company enlisted the help of the Life Sciences practice of IT partner redIT. The implementation team also worked closely with front-line Medi24 employees to analyze processes. As requirements change, subsequent modifications can be made effortlessly due to the flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The system went live in February of 2009, with more than 100 health care professionals, including 20 home-based advisors, using the integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution to provide callers with fast, efficient answers to their medical questions.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM was essential to improving the operational efficiency of Medi24's contact center. In fact, the company's experience with this CRM platform has been so positive that managers also plan to use it in other divisions as well.

“From the very beginning, the integrated solution was absolutely stable and our people handled it brilliantly," recalls Feierabend. "Users adopted the system so quickly that the benefits added up fast."

  • Integrated phone solution cuts time-per-call performance by up to a minute. Incoming calls are processed through the integrated Alcatel-Lucent/Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution to quickly identify the health insurer or physician network to which the caller belongs. At the same time, a search screen opens to accelerate proper caller identification. These improvements are credited with cutting call times by up to one minute. Shaving off an average of one minute per call would save more than 5,833 labor hours annually.

  • Integrated expert systems improve productivity. When physicians and nurses access the medical advice and medication systems, master patient data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM is automatically transferred to the appropriate and most qualified person.  After the advisor provides the information to the caller, the expert system data is automatically transferred in turn to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and backed up.

  • Flexible platform supports CRM system uptime objectives. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform is dependable, easily adapts to the company’s needs, and integrates well with other Microsoft® products. "[Microsoft Dynamics] CRM is much quicker and more flexible than our old solution,” says Feierabend. "Modifications to input masks, which in the past required that the entire system be shut down, can now be handled in just a few minutes while the system is in operation. The high level of integration with the Microsoft Office System is also advantageous.”

  • Rapid ability to create survey lists hastens feedback. Now it only takes seconds for Medi24 personnel to generate lists of potential participants in the firm's quality surveys. Once those lists are created, it takes only a click of the mouse to export that data into Microsoft Office Excel® spreadsheet software for further analysis.

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Medi24 is the leading medical advisory center in Switzerland. Roughly 100 nursing professionals and physicians answer up to 3,500 calls every day.

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