Société Générale Corporate \u0026 Investment Banking takes control of customer relationships using Microsoft CRM solution

Adopting the Microsoft Customer Relationship Management tool has allowed Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking to optimize its business relationships by developing a portfolio of 160,000 contacts at 50,000 different client organizations throughout the world, successfully taking control of its customer data, which was previously scattered amongst several different tools.

“The criteria identified by our teams made Microsoft the logical choice. Today, Dynamics CRM helps us better organize our work. It helps us manage our client portfolio better, more actively and more efficiently.”


With 12,000 associates located in 33 countries in Europe, the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific region, Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking designs customized solutions for bankers and investors, and by leveraging its international expertise in three areas, investment-banking, financing and markets, Société Générale offers its clients an integrated approach centered on capital solutions and strategic advice. It supports clients in mergers, acquisitions, divestments, financing, IPO structuring (Initial Public Offerings), or debt and capital restructuring projects.

In order to properly address their clients’ needs, Société Générale must keep track of all the organizational and structural details of the multinationals and financial institutions in its client portfolio. They must have a complete understanding of their clients, including an accurate, detailed, 360° view of their relationship, and where they are at in the process.

Société Générale’s information system is central to these intricate customer relationships. Isabelle Dufex, Head of Institutional Client Relations, recalls: “We had several different software applications installed for the use of our teams—2 to 3 within the bank itself. These tools got the job done, more or less, but they were not very user-friendly, weren’t well-suited to banking and finance vocabulary, and were poorly integrated with the rest of our system…It was time to replace them.” But, not rushing into a product selection, Société Générale wanted to take a rational, pragmatic approach to finding a solution that would provide them with the greatest business benefit.


The first step was creating user focus groups to precisely map the needs of each business activity. “That allowed us to draft a sort of ‘macro-statement’ of needs,” Dufex explained, “addressing ergonomics and integration as well as required functionality.” Then, Société Générale matched their requirements to the solutions that were available on the market. The choice was obvious – Microsoft Dynamics CRM. “Many of the criteria identified by our teams led us logically to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. One crucial factor was the integration with the Microsoft Office suite and Outlook; in particular. People did not want to have to manage two separate calendars, and they wanted to be able to store their emails in the CRM—features already incorporated within Dynamics CRM.”

Right from the start, the flexibility of Dynamics CRM was greatly appreciated. “For example, we were able adapt each screen to our different business activities,” said Dufex, “Each operational area only accesses the data it needs through a specifically optimized screen. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a perfect fit for how we
do business.”

Customized support

To ensure success, Société Générale wanted the support of expert CRM providers. CSC Consulting was enlisted to handle questions of functionality, while Microsoft Services provided their technical expertise. “CSC had a proven track-record and substantial client references,” Dufex continued, “As for Microsoft, we naturally felt that the software solution provider would best be able to implement the system.” The two partners worked perfectly with the Société Générale teams, allowing the project to be completed within a very short timeframe, given its scope. It took just six months from the time the needs statement was approved to the delivery of the first version. “And we were able to implement our pilot projects at the same time on three different continents, in Hong Kong, New York, Paris, and London,” added Dufex.


The deployment, which began in December 2010, is now near completion. There are already 1,800 Dynamics CRM users at Société Générale, with only 400 remaining to be brought online, and the benefits are already being clearly recognized by management. For users, “Above all, Dynamics CRM saves time and increases efficiency, leading to greater productivity. One login provides access to multiple tools, the program is more intuitive to use, and data searches are more efficient…” These features have an immediate impact on the team: “Dynamics CRM helps us to better organize our work. It helps us manage our client portfolios better, more actively, and more consistently. It’s a real performance lever for cross-selling between our sales teams,” Dufex explained.

And when it comes to managing her teams, Dufex is just as enthusiastic: “Since adopting Dynamics CRM, we can guide the efforts our sales teams better; improving cooperation among the sales force, etc. Another key aspect for us: Dynamics CRM has let us regain control of our client data. Previously, it was scattered amongst multiple tools… and salespeople were entering the data inaccurately. Now, our data is centralized in a single tool and is very reliable. The screens facilitate data entry and really limit data entry errors.”

Größe des Kunden: Large Organization
Branche: Capital Markets/Securities; Banking
Land oder Region: France
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As the financing and investment arm of the Société Générale Group, SG CIB is a dominant and diversified player, operating in over 33 countries in Europe, the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific region.

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