A fun way to learn

At DreamSpace, there's no room for boring. We have designed an experience for Primary School students where fun is the focus. Students will work together, using their ingenuity and creativity paired with innovative technology, to solve problems.

Skills for the future

Along the way, they'll learn essential STEM and 21st Century Learning Design (21CLD) skills in a symbiotic, collaborative and dynamic way that will enable them to imagine the world of the future.

Imagining a world of tomorrow.

The DreamSpace experience is designed to teach these important lessons in an informal and impressive way. We're not here to tell kids what they should be when they grow up, we want them to imagine what the world could be. The jobs these students could end up doing may not even have been invented yet. If we can spark their creativity now, we can empower them to create the world of tomorrow, not just live in it.

Delivered by experienced educators.

Sessions are supervised by experienced facilitators but we want educators to play a leading role. You know your students and have a deeper understanding of their limitless potential than we ever could. We want to empower you to inspire them. So, we have designed the DreamSpace Primary School Experience to compliment the curriculum and the Department of Education and Skills' STEM Education Policy.

Session A: 30 Years into The Future

In the DreamSpace Primary School Experience, students will explore 30 Years into The Future. They'll be faced with a world that's very different one from the one we live in now. Cars can drive themselves. Drones deliver the shopping. Robots do the jobs now considered too dangerous for humans.

Students will have to solve the problems of an imaginary country where transport is non-existent and translation of skills doesn't exist. They'll have to work together to find the solutions. If something doesn't work first time, they can explore another way. They might fail but they'll fail fast and succeed even quicker. The possibilities are endless.

Before your visit

This session (which happens in the classroom) will spark students' creativity before their visit to DreamSpace. They will get to grips with what the world could be in 30 years by researching how technology will change our lives. DreamSpace will provide links to videos to kick-start your session.

The Future

Students will then imagine what they would like to be doing 30 Years into The Future. They will be encouraged to explore how technology like 3D printing, AI and drones could change the job from the way it is today.

After your DreamSpace experience

These tasks are designed to extend the experience of DreamSpace to your classroom. Students will build on the experience by taking part in follow-up projects that will keep the creativity flowing and supercharge their ideas. With the knowledge and skills gained from DreamSpace, students will create projects or videos about the world of the future. If possible, students can also work on their tech skills by building apps or programming robots.