Community Outreach in Atlanta

Once again, Convergence attendees made a huge impact on our host city.

With over 200 volunteers, we accomplished an incredible amount in one day at our offsite location in Martin Luther King’s childhood neighborhood of Sweet Auburn. The neighborhood has fallen into a state of disrepair and needed the acknowledgment that they still matter--and our group was able to accomplish this in one short day.

Our volunteers made needed updates to the Wheat Street Gardens, a community garden in the middle of the area. They added fencing, built and filled 20 planting beds, and built an addition on an existing pavilion, tripling its size. Ten (10) new benches were built and painted along with a brand new chicken coop and children's pavilion! In a low-income senior living high rise adjacent to the garden, the Wheat Street Towers, our volunteers worked in more than 90 apartments helping to clean, make small repairs and visit with local residents. One of the biggest impacts made on these residents was the addition of 10 new rocking chairs added to the front of the building, and a big screen TV and games for the community/rec room!

A third group repainted the interior of the historic SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference) women's building--all in just one day!

Onsite in the convention center, Convergence attendees were able to make a huge impact as well. Over our four days in the Convergence Experience Center, volunteers painted and planted pots that were delivered to the senior citizens living in the Wheat Street Towers; prepared care packages and messages of hope for mothers and their infants at a nearby homeless shelter; and assembled food packages for children living nearby who, though fed during the day at school, often go hungry on the evenings and weekends.

We are grateful to our volunteers and couldn’t have made such a positive impact on the Atlanta Community without their help. Thank you again for your support!