Session Overview

Now in its 18th year, Convergence has grown and evolved from an event for 100 of the early adopters of Microsoft Dynamics, to the event of today, projected to host 12,000 customers, partners, team members and influencers who invest their time and energy on any of the five Microsoft Dynamics solutions. Customers who keep coming back year after year say that the place that they gain the most value during the event is at the sessions: diving into functionality details, gathering best practices, gaining new operational efficiencies, and increasing their product expertise.

Tracks at Convergence 2014

Each of our sessions, no matter what type or length, is mapped to one specific track. Tracks at Convergence help you sort through the hundreds of session options available to you, and help you prioritize your time at the conference. Some might say that they’re the key to your success!

Explore each of the tracks featured at Convergence 2014:

Session types that meet your needs

Within each track, we provide a wide variety of session types to help you optimize the event to your specific learning preferences. You may choose to view topics by session types based on how you learn best, and how you want to invest your time at the event.

Keynote presentations gather the entire Convergence audience together for a view of the business community from 5,000 feet above. Reviewing the past, recapping the present and predicting the future are often a good synopsis of the session, yet it’s hard to encapsulate the excitement and the energy that radiates from the room. You won’t want to miss our two keynotes!

General Sessions are all about setting the tone and the pace for your days ahead. Each of our product groups host a general session to spotlight the latest releases and successes, along with a snapshot of the road ahead. General sessions are where you can start to gauge where your organization is, and where it needs to be to stay competitive in today’s challenging business environment.

Concurrent Sessions are planned for 60 minutes, and have an emphasis on the presentation, demonstrations and occasionally, a little fun. Presenters may offer some Q&A time at the end of the session, but the priority is on the presentation.

Interactive Discussions are also planned for 60 minutes, with an emphasis on a dialogue between the presenter or moderator, and the audience. Seating is limited in these sessions to optimize for the discussion. Think: less presentation, more conversation.

Deep Dive Sessions run 90 minutes in length, which provides even more time to dive deeper into the topic at hand. Generally presented by Microsoft product experts, you’ll spend your time exploring product functionalities, customizations, enhancements, troubleshooting, integrations—you name it!

Convergence Theater Presentations feature a brief snapshot of a successful Microsoft Dynamics business. Winners of the 2014 Customer Excellence Award are invited to share a bit about themselves so that you can learn from others experiences. Don’t be late—these presentations will only run 15 or 20 minutes in length.

Roundtable Discussions have a much greater emphasis on the learning you can achieve by networking with others. Running throughout the conference agenda this year, roundtables provide you the opportunity to actively participate in small group discussions—while seated at a round table! Leaders and moderators are available to help keep you on task during these 60 minutes sessions, but how much you get out of the discussion is largely up to you! These sessions are hosted by our user group communities.

User Group Breakout Sessions offer a wider variety of learning styles and are hosted by users, for users. Held on the last day of the event this year, we’re excited to provide you an opportunity to wrap up your conference experience by getting your questions answered, and making those local connections that will help you transition back to your work environment. You do not need to belong to a user group to participate in these sessions, yet you’ll soon see that user groups are a great way to stay connected to the Microsoft Dynamics community throughout the year.

Sponsor Sessions, weighing in at 60 minutes, are a fantastic way to learn more about the services and solutions offered by our valued Microsoft partners. Do your research by checking out all the Sponsor Sessions offered in the Session Catalog, then dive in and dig deeper and who knows—you just may have found the solution you’ve been looking for!