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Convergence 2012 - Microsoft Dynamics GP, NAV and SL Attendee Offer

Convergence is Microsoft Dynamics' premier event in which customers can come and connect with other customers, Dynamics resellers, Microsoft team members and industry experts. You can learn more about the potential of your ERP solution and how to turn that potential in to business opportunity. In addition, Microsoft is happy to announce the following offer for those Microsoft Dynamics customers that join us in Houston.

Executive Summary

For a limited time Microsoft Dynamics® GP (GP), Microsoft Dynamics NAV (NAV), and Microsoft Dynamics SL (SL) existing customers who attend Convergence 2012 to be held in Houston, TX March 18-21, 2012, are eligible to receive a 20% discount on additional GP, NAV and SL users and/or modules. The discount may be applied across certain product line, edition or Licensing Model (LMT) transition fees. Please visit the following website to obtain further information about Convergence 2012 http://www.microsoft.com/dynamics/convergence/houston12/

Local availability is subject to confirmation by the corresponding Microsoft Business Solution subsidiary. Please check with your Microsoft Business Solution subsidiary for local availability of the offer.


This offer is available only to existing GP, NAV, and SL customers who:

  1. acquire a full conference registration and attend Convergence 2012; and
  2. have a valid Business Ready Enhancement Plan (BREP) as of the time of attendance to Convergence 2012 and the time the reseller places the eligible license order in VOICE.

Existing GP, NAV and SL customers will be identified by means of its unique customer identification number in VOICE as of December 25th, 2011. For instance, multiple affiliates whose purchases are aggregated through one single customer identification number will count as one customer for purposes of this offering.


This offer is available from April 1st, 2012 through May 31st, 2012. License orders received after May 31st, 2012 will not be subject to this offering.

Offer Details


This is an offering directed to Microsoft Dynamics resellers; please contact your reseller to obtain further information. Microsoft Dynamics resellers may access the full terms and conditions of this offer in PARTNERSOURCE. Resale prices, terms, and conditions are independently set by your reseller.