Session Overview

Today and Tomorrow

Where are you at and where do you want to be?
What do you have now, and what do you need to implement?
What do you see happening now that affects how you do business next year?

Those are the questions that can help you decide which sessions are right for you at Convergence 2013. Everyone learns differently, absorbs information differently and networks in their own way. Knowing this, Convergence offers many different styles of session delivery to help meet individual needs. With so hundreds of options for learning and networking at Convergence, we invite you to review the content overview here so that you can see a clear path to achieving your goals and objectives for this year’s conference. We’ll dig into the specifics of each of the different session types, and then you can decide which sessions and tracks are designed with you in mind.


The keynotes lined up for Convergence 2013, while stimulating and thought-provoking , will help open you up to A World Ahead. With an opening keynote sure to set the course ahead (for both Microsoft Dynamics and your time at Convergence 2013) and a closing keynote with a world-renown leader who will share a perspective that is both global and local in focus, our keynotes are the time and the place for the community to come together and consider the possibilities on the road ahead.

General Sessions

From the keynotes, we move right into general sessions, where we separate into our respective product groups to hear more about the present and future of each of the Microsoft Dynamics solutions. With exciting new product releases to highlight with each product, the general sessions have important news to share—and are vital to attend. Folks most concerned with Microsoft Dynamics AX will have their time and space, as will Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL. Knowing that Microsoft Dynamics CRM crosses many of the ERP products, we’re offering that general session in both of our two general session timeslots. And since business leadership spans everyone’s interests, our presenter and topic for that track is sure to pique your curiosity – and your interests.

Concurrent Sessions

These sessions are the ones that everyone is waiting for. Leaders within the Microsoft product teams have been spending countless hours evaluating past sessions, reviewing feedback, digging into survey results and consulting with the user group communities to carefully craft the most relevant and timely of sessions. Lasting 60 minutes, our concurrent sessions typically take the standard presentation format. Informative, revealing and sometimes even entertaining, you’ll find hundreds of titles that span our seven tracks. Be sure to review and/or filter our Session Catalog by the different fields – including Audience, Industry and Skill Level, so that you can tailor your sessions to your specific needs. Plan to grab a cup of coffee, relax and listen in as our product experts share their knowledge, demonstrate the product, and throw out a time-saving tip or two as you take one step closer to expanding your personal knowledge base.

Interactive Discussions

It’s likely that your favorite Interactive Discussion is one where you give as much as you take. With less of a focus on presentation, Interactive Discussions are most successful when the small-in-size audience is open to sharing, is active in participation, and possesses some knowledge of the topic at hand. These sessions are kept small in seating and room size on purpose to foster the intimacy of the discussion; if there are topics that are high on your priority list, it’s recommended that you arrive early to claim your seat.

Deep Dive Sessions

Sometimes, 60 minutes just isn’t enough. Just when you think you’re starting to understand the topic, the session ends. The solution to this? Deep Dives! With 90 minutes devoted to these sessions, you’ll need to stay on your toes—and on your game—to capture all the valuable information presented. Similar in scope to concurrent sessions, deep dives have the freedom to cover the hottest topics with the most thoroughness. This session type is focused on the presentation, and often offers in-depth demonstrations.

User Group Sessions

The user group communities for our five product families are alive and well-represented here at Convergence! Each community has pulled together their product experts and are set to deliver content that showcase the vibrancy and connectedness within those groups. Each session will highlight content not seen elsewhere in the event—and you do not need to belong to the user group to attend these sessions. Dip your toes into the pool—or dive in with both feet. You’ll find the information shared and the connections made to be essential to your Convergence experience.

Roundtable Discussions

Take away the technology, and gather folks around a table labeled with topics of key interest and there you have it: Roundtable Discussions. We invite those of like interests and similar experiences to gather for loosely structured networking and discussion. Each table will likely have a facilitator, but your active participation is what will make your table a success.

Sponsor Sessions

Customers far and wide have found that their Microsoft Dynamics solution can be enhanced or amplified by deploying the solutions or services developed by valued Microsoft Partners. We’ve set aside time in our jam-packed Convergence agenda for our event sponsors to showcase many of these solutions. Be sure to check out the Session Catalog over time to see all the exciting solutions, technologies and innovations that you can learn about by attending Sponsor Sessions.

Hands on Labs - A Virtual Experience

The Hands on Labs are a learning opportunity where you use your computer to “work” inside a virtual version of the Microsoft Dynamics products. Microsoft product teams have created learning exercises which you’ll work your way through at your own pace, giving you the opportunity to learn about new functionality, features and processes ‘hands on’.

New this year: There is so much to do at Convergence and we want you to maximize your face-to-face time at the event. That said, the Hands on Labs will be available online only as a fully virtual experience during and after the event. Complete labs during the day or night, on your own machine or on the onsite Communications Kiosks. Or, if you prefer, save this lab time for when you return home. To launch a lab, simply visit the Convergence website, login to My Convergence, and utilize Schedule Builder to locate the labs of your choice.

Convergence Theater

Located within the Convergence Experience Center, the Convergence Theater will showcase a variety of bite-sized presentations that provide you the opportunity to listen in, grab a nugget or two of knowledge and then continue on your way through the show floor. Convergence Orientation sessions, industry-focused presentations, and Q&A opportunities with this year’s Customer Excellence Award winners will be featured in the theater, with presentations lasting a maximum of 20 minutes. Visit the Session Catalog for session details.

Tracks @ Convergence 2013

Each session, forum and discussion held at Convergence 2013 is mapped to a specific track. These tracks are one of the many ways that you as an attendee can identify which sessions are right for you. Whether you hope to learn more about the product presently deployed, or are looking to evaluate another product for future deployment in your business, Convergence offers you the freedom to choose what you want to learn and which sessions will benefit you most.