Introduction to the Activity Feeds solution

What is Activity Feeds?

Activity Feeds is a solution that you can download and set up to enable people in your organization to stay up to date with one another and with the records that matter most to them. Your users will get real-time notification and quick sharing of information, so people can listen in on the activities relevant to the people, accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, and anything else they care about. More information: Use Activity Feeds

How can Activity Feeds help my organization?

Activity Feeds gives users the opportunity to communicate in a more natural and social way about the work they're doing. As with social media prevalent on the web today, colleagues can follow one another through Activity Feeds, which lets them post comments to each other's pages so they can share insights and stay current. Each person's page becomes a forum for conversations as well as news about all the records they work with--just like networking sites elsewhere online. More information: Use Activity Feeds, Follow colleagues and records with Activity Feeds

To enable users to do this, you can configure the entities in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system to be a part of Activity Feeds. If your users want to follow Account, Contact, and Lead entities, but no other entities (record types), then those are the only entities you would activate – this kind of detailed control is at your discretion. This way, without creating noise on their pages, you can let them stay up to date on the entities they care about most.

How do I know if I need Activity Feeds?

If people in your organization work closely together on tight deadlines, Activity Feeds can help them keep in touch with changes to the business records they work with. Once it's installed, Activity Feeds is integrated directly into the work area. People don't have to click away to another tool to send messages or alert colleagues to new developments – the records they touch automatically alert the people who care most when something has changed. More information: Video: Getting started with Activity Feeds

How is information shared between users?

Each user gets a page full of posts and comments through a link called "What's New?" at the top of the Navigation Pane on the left when they sign in to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. By default, Activity Feeds will show them status updates related to a dozen essential entities (such as accounts, leads, opportunities, and appointments), but you can activate any entity you want. More information: Set up and configure Activity Feeds

When someone updates one of these entities, changing it into a different entity (such as converting a specific given lead to an opportunity), or adds new status information, the system will automatically send a message about this change. Anyone who's chosen to follow that particular lead, for example, would see that it has changed to an opportunity.

Similarly, users can send messages of their own. Mary can post a message on Chris' page welcoming him to the team; Pat can post words of thanks on Bob's page, and so on. If these four people all know and follow each other, they'll each see both of those messages. More information: Follow colleagues and records with Activity Feeds

How do I set up and configure Activity Feeds?

Activity Feeds represents a different release model than some mainstream Microsoft Dynamics CRM features in that it is a solution. This means it must be downloaded and configured by a system administrator before it's ready for use. More information: Set up and configure Activity Feeds

If you haven't downloaded and configured a Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution before, take some time to learn more about how it's done. More information: About Importing a Solution

If you're a brand-new user to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Activity Feeds is installed and configured by default, with 12 of the most commonly used entities activated in the system. If you started using Microsoft Dynamics CRM before October 2011, you'll have to complete the download and configuration process.

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Applies To:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

(For CRM Online, CRM 2013, and CRM 2015, see CRM Help & Training.)