Getting Started

9 steps to get started with customer service

The nine items in this article cover the basics for getting started working with the Customer Service features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. The Resource Center also includes many articles for taking full advantage of the Customer Service features. Visit the Resource Center by clicking Resource Center on the left navigation pane. And, for yet more information, see the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Help.

Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online installation may use different terminology than what you see in Help. For example, the term "case" is often changed through customization to "incident" or "ticket".

Key steps

  1. Follow a case from call to closure
  2. Understand contracts, contract lines, and cases
  3. Use activities to track work in cases
  4. Understand the queue
  5. Send an e-mail message or instant message to a customer or another person in your organization
  6. Assign and share records
  7. Find information in articles in the knowledge base
  8. Resolve and reactivate a case
  9. Using Reports to track your work

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Applies To:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online December 2012 Service Update

(For CRM Online, CRM 2013, and CRM 2015, see CRM Help & Training.)