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Delete a solution

The deleting process is the same for a managed solution and an unmanaged solution. When you delete an unmanaged solution, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online deletes just the solution record. When you delete a managed solution, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online uninstalls all solution components and customizations.

If you attempt to delete a solution, the attempt will fail if you have not first broken dependencies with other components. Before you can delete a custom entity that is a primary entity in a relationship, you must remove the relationship attribute from the related entity form and publish the related entity. More information:: Manage solution component dependencies

You can delete or remove components from an unmanaged solution, but not from a managed solution. Deleting permanently eliminates the component from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Removing simply withdraws the component from the solution, although the component is still available for use in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. You can delete only custom components. Although you cannot delete Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online business components, you can remove them from an unmanaged solution that isn't the default solution.

  1. In the Navigation Pane, click Settings.
  2. Under Customization, click Solutions.
    • To delete a solution:
      1. In the list, select the solution you want to delete.
      2. On the Actions toolbar, click Delete.
    • To delete or remove a component:
      1. In the list of solutions, select the one from which you want to delete a component.
      2. In the left pane, click Components.
      3. To delete a component, select any custom component in the list, and then on Actions toolbar, click Delete.

        - OR -

      4. To remove a component, select any custom component in the list, and then on the Actions toolbar, click Remove.

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