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Frequently asked questions about Yammer

Yammer integration lets Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online users work together on sales and customer service records, using tools familiar to anyone who’s used social networking websites. As you update a lead or case record, you’ll see automatic notifications from the system, and you’ll be able to communicate with colleagues right in place—you’ll always be able to come back and find the information connected directly to that record.

What can I do with Yammer?

Stay up to date. When someone creates or updates a record that matters to you, the system tells you automatically, recording time stamps and other information you’ll need.

Communicate. Ask questions, offer congratulations, compare notes—all directly within your workspace, all recorded so you don’t have to dig for it later.

How do I get Yammer?

If you have a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online account, you can choose to install product updates, sign up for a Yammer account, and connect the two. Your system administrator can do this. When it’s set up, it’s integrated in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online organization. As soon you create or update a record, or start a conversation thread, you’ll see Yammer functionality appearing on your record walls. Read more about installing product updates. Read more about installing Yammer. Visit the Yammer website for more information about the signup process there.

Where is my data history stored?

You have two kinds of data generated when you use Yammer with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online: automatically-generated system notifications, and conversations among your users. The system posts are stored in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online organization, and the conversations among users are stored in your Yammer account.

What if I’ve been using Activity Feeds?

Using Yammer will mean making a switch. After you install Yammer, Activity Feeds will be replaced, though you may still see some familiar design elements in the user interface. If you want to keep your data history from Activity Feeds, you’ll need to access it either through the SDK, or through Advanced Find. To find old Activity Feeds later using Advanced Find, set Look For to Posts and configure the search you want.

Can I continue to use Activity Feeds?

Not simultaneously with Yammer. Yammer effectively replaces Activity Feeds. But you may choose not to set up Yammer, and to continue to use Activity Feeds. However, eventually Yammer will replace Activity Feeds.

Can I uninstall Yammer? Can I reinstall Activity Feeds?

No, when you install Yammer, you should expect to use it on a permanent basis. You won’t be able to reinstall Activity Feeds later.

What happens to my old Activity Feeds data?

You’ll still be able to access the data through the SDK, or by using Advanced Find. It’s a good idea to back up your data before installing.

What kind of Yammer subscription do I need, and how can I get it?

You can visit the Yammer web site and sign up for one. You need a Yammer Enterprise subscription, and the user connecting your organization to Yammer has to be a verified Yammer administrator (this is a step in the Yammer sign up process, not a specialized training or certification).

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online December 2012 Service Update

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