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Audit log on details of users in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Can I do this task?

You can track when a user logs on to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online by enabling auditing on the user access. The audit log of the user access is available in the Audit Summary View page. For more information, see View audit summary of records.

  1. In the Navigation Pane, click Settings. Then under System, click Auditing.
  2. In the Audit area, click Global Audit Settings.
  3. To start tracking user access details, in the System Settings dialog box, click the Auditing tab. Then, select the Audit user access check box.

    - OR -

    To stop tracking the user access details, clear the Audit user access check box.

  4. Click OK.


Before you enable auditing for user access, you must first start auditing for the organization.

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