Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Help

Add a field to a form

  1. In the Navigation Pane, click Settings.
  2. Under Customization, click Customizations.
  3. In the Customization area, click Customize the System.
  4. Under Components, expand Entities, and then expand the entity you want.
  5. Click Forms. In the list, click a form to edit it if it has a Form Type of Main.
  6. In the form, select the section to which you want to add a field.
    1. In the Field Explorer pane, double-click the field that you want to add to the form.
  7. You can preview how the main form appears and how events functions:
    1. On the Home tab, click Preview, and then select Create Form, Update Form, or Read-Only Form.
    2. To close the Preview form, on the File menu, click Close.
  8. When you finish editing the form, click Save and Close to close the form.
  9. When your customization are complete, publish them:
    • To publish customizations for only the component that you are currently editing, on the Home tab, in the Save group, click Publish.
    • To publish customizations for all unpublished components at one time, click Publish All Customizations.

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