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Customization Capabilities

Customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to meet the unique needs of your business. This includes creating new functionality, or changing your user interface and navigation. Perform many of the most common customization tasks using tools included in CRM without needing a developer to write code.

If your requirements involve more complex interaction with other applications, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online provides a well-documented set of Web services and application configurations. These help developers and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) create the solutions you need. More information: Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK

To do customizations that affect the full Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online organization, you must have the System Administrator or System Customizer security role, or equivalent privileges.

Customizations can be grouped into the following areas:


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Create custom entities, or customize existing business entities, to structure and manage your data.

Understanding Activity Entities

Create or modify entity relationships so related records have lookup fields to let people link them to other records.

Understanding Hierarchical Entity Relationships, Understanding Entity Relationships

Create or modify fields to capture specific types of data.

Understanding Entity Fields, Mapping Entity Fields

Create or modify entity forms to see or input relevant data to the entity. You can specify which users or teams see a specific form by assigning security roles to them.

Create a or edit a form for an entity

Create or modify entity views to help people easily apply specific data filters to a group of entity records.

Work with Views

Use any of the three client extension features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for customization tasks: SiteMap, ISV.Config, and IFrames. These features allow the integration of other applications, usually Web sites, into Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Add new or existing components to an unmanaged solution

Create new reports or modify existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online reports to customize the way you capture, store, and view data.

Customizing and Organizing Reports

Install a solution to extend the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, and customize components in the solution.

Understanding Solutions

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