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You can modify any of the information in an open appointment. If you change the date and times of the appointment, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online will recheck for schedule conflicts. The calendar displays canceled and completed appointments and service activities. To remove an appointment or service activity from the calendar, delete the record.

  1. Create an appointment or a recurring appointment in:

    Calendar in Workplace

    Service Calendar

    Activities area

  2. In the Appointment dialog box, on the Appointment tab, you must enter information into the following fields:
    • Subject
    • Start Time
    • End Time
    • Required

      To select participants who must attend, click the box next to the label. You can click the Lookup button Lookup button to search for and select records.

      Participants are not sent notification of new or updated appointments. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for Outlook you can include recipients that are not contacts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. The names are displayed as red text. Click the name that appears in red text to resolve so you can resolve it to an existing contact or account, or create a new record.

  3. Add optional information.
  4. On the Notes and Activities tab, click Add a new note, and then add the information that applies to your record.
  5. On the Common tab, you can link the appointment to another Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online record, change the Organizer, and enter Category and Sub-Category information, if desired.
  6. If this is a recurring appointment, click Recurrence and select the time, pattern, and date range you want.
  7. Click Save or Save and Close.

    If any participants have a schedule conflict, a warning appears. You can click Ignore and Save to save the appointment anyway.


    • If you plan to include appointments in solutions, it is strongly recommended that you do not include only appointments and only recurring appointments in separate solutions. If you install and uninstall separate solutions with different appointment types, you will encounter a SQL Server error and have to recreate the appointments.


  • Appointments created in the Web application and synchronized with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online for Outlook automatically set a 15-minute reminder and appear on the Outlook calendar. You can change the reminder in Outlook.
  • To re-open a canceled appointment, on the Actions Action menu button menu, click Reactivate.

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