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Use Yammer to collaborate

After your system administrator has set up Yammer to work with your system, you’ll begin to see posts appearing in the workspace where you work on sales or service cases. As you and your colleagues edit forms for leads and cases, the activity will trigger posts automatically. When your colleagues post, you can comment on their posts—asking questions, offering congratulations, and so on. If some record types aren’t posting automatically and you’d like to have them do so, talk to your system administrator about enabling them.

If you’ve been using Activity Feeds, you’ll notice a few changes after switching to Yammer:

  • Two new tabs—Yammer and System Posts—have replaced Posts in your work area. You’ll find conversations and automatically-generated posts on these tabs, respectively.

  • The Like and Unlike buttons, along with the rest of the way posts are designed, look different now. The Like and Unlike buttons are only available for user posts. Most of the functionality will be familiar to Activity Feeds users and people who’ve used social networking online.

  • To change which records’ posts appear on the System Pasts page, choose All records and select the view you want.

  • To see any updates to the System Post stream, choose the Refresh icon to the upper right of the topmost post.

  • To see everything related to a record or a user that’s mentioned in a post, choose its name.

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