Showcase Your Success

Reference Program for Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft takes great pride in demonstrating customer success and in showcasing companies, like yours, that are realizing benefits – for your business and your people – by using Microsoft Dynamics. We invite you, as a valued Microsoft customer, to showcase the real-world results your business and your people have achieved by using Microsoft technologies and services.

Customers who participate in the Reference Program for Microsoft Dynamics are rewarded with unique opportunities to showcase their successes and network with peers and key industry influencers in their communities—and across the world.

How You Can Benefit

The Reference Program benefits you and your business in a variety of ways. By taking part, you can promote yourself and your business to diverse audiences and influence organizations around the world.

  • Promote Your Brand. Increase awareness of your brand and extend your existing PR, marketing and advertising efforts.
  • Build Industry Networks. Expand your professional networks and connect with other technology leaders.
  • Enjoy Closer Relationships with Microsoft. Develop deeper, mutually beneficial relationships with Microsoft and raise the profile of key company executives within your industry.
  • Showcase Business Leadership. Participate in customer advisory boards and executive briefings. Share your thought leadership and showcase your IT innovations.

Opportunities for Involvement

The Reference Program for Microsoft Dynamics is designed with you in mind. Depending on your desired level of involvement, you can choose to participate in as many activities as you wish. Many reference activities are one-time events. Some may require travel; others may be handled over the phone. And of course, you are free to evaluate each opportunity on a case-by-case basis depending on your interest, schedule, and availability.

Here are a few common activities:

  • Company Name and Logo Use: Grant permission to use your company name and brand logo in Microsoft presentations, corporate events, and marketing collateral.
  • Customer-to-Customer Calls or On-Site Customer Visits: Speak with a prospective customer considering a Microsoft Dynamics solution or host a prospective customer at your facility to showcase your Microsoft Dynamics implementation in a real-world environment.
  • Testimonial/Quotations: Provide a brief statement or testimonial for inclusion in Microsoft promotional product or solution websites, ads, presentations, brochures, and more.
  • Case Studies: Share your story about the business challenges you faced, the solution you deployed, and the benefits your organization has realized – in print, on video, via audio or online.
  • Press/Analyst Interviews: Address questions and speak with journalists and industry analysts who are interested in your IT deployments for news, features, and special-focus articles.
  • Speaking Engagements: Discuss your experiences and product knowledge with peers, senior decision makers, press and analysts, and others, through live, one-to-many speaking opportunities.
  • Advisory Board Participation: Participate in Microsoft product feature reviews and software trials before product release.
  • Advertisements: Promote your organization and the benefits you experienced using a Microsoft solution through radio, print, or online advertising for Microsoft.
  • Webcasts: Present the business benefits of your Microsoft Dynamics solution to prospective Microsoft customers and partners via live and recorded webcasts hosted by Microsoft.

Get Started

  1. Become a part of the Reference Program for Microsoft Dynamics today! Complete and submit an online nomination form.

  2. Once you submit your nomination, download the Reference Program for Microsoft Dynamics Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and read up on the various on reference activities and time commitments.

  3. A Customer Reference Representative will review your nomination and contact you for a 20-30 minute telephone interview. In the interview the Customer Reference Representative will gather additional contact details and basic information about your Microsoft Dynamics implementation. They will also confirm your preferred reference activities and the way we contact you in the future.

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