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Keep your future secure by renewing your service plan.

It's crucial to renew your service plan annually so it doesn’t lapse. Your service plan helps you keep your Microsoft Dynamics solution running smoothly through continued access to upgrades, updates, service packs, tax and regulatory updates that may be necessary, and more — all of which are exclusively available to customers on a service plan.

Also, if you plan to expand or upgrade your solution in the future, you must be enrolled in a Microsoft Dynamics service plan to maintain the ability to purchase any additional licenses you may need.

If you choose not to renew your service plan, you could put your company in an uncomfortable position. We strongly recommend that you renew each year to continue to protect your investment in your solution and to maximize the value of Microsoft Dynamics.

  • Talk with your partner

    Contact your Microsoft partner today to renew your service plan. When you talk with your partner, discuss your future business goals and needs. They can help you decide which service plan option is best for you and review options for expanding and upgrading your Microsoft Dynamics solution in the future to help improve your bottom line.

    Contact your partner

  • Business Capabilities Assessment

    Learn how your partner can help you plan for your future success with a business capabilities assessment. Your business needs will evolve and change over time, and so should your Microsoft Dynamics solution. Your partner can help you create and update a Business Solutions Roadmap so you can build a plan for ongoing success. The planning process is simple and straightforward, and can help your organization at any time.

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  • Calculate your renewal or re-enrollment budget

    If your plan is coming up for renewal, or if your plan has lapsed and you need to re-enroll, calculate the cost of your renewal or re-enrollment. Contact your Microsoft partner for details and an accurate quote.

    Service Plan:
    Please contact your partner for pricing information
    System List Price:
    Renewal Date:
    Anticipated Payment Date:
    Approximate Total:

    Business Ready Advantage and Business Ready Advantage Plus Plans are only available in the United States, Canada, and select countries in Latin America.

  • Your service plan for Microsoft Dynamics

    Providing the benefits you need.

    Staying enrolled in a service plan for Microsoft Dynamics helps your organization:

    • Maximize your solution value with access to the latest product upgrades, new functionality, and updates.
    • Protect your investment by keeping your solution up to date, your organization legally compliant, and protecting your original solution investment.
    • Fuel your business productivity with access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to online self-support, free unlimited online training, and the Microsoft Dynamics Community on CustomerSource.

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