Leading Energy Organization Revamps IT Infrastructure, Takes Control of Operations

Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited (IREDA), a leading energy organization, wanted to boost the reliability of its IT infrastructure and provide employees with latest technologies. The company revamped its core infrastructure and desktop solutions with a platform of Microsoft technologies that includes Window Server 2008 R2, Windows 7 Enterprise operating system, Microsoft Forefront Security software, Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 SP2, and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. With a standard operating environment, IREDA has improved the stability of its systems, enhanced IT security, and gained tighter control over operations. Centralized access to a wealth of data has laid a foundation for continued growth, bringing transparency to every business function and process.

*A stable, reliable operating environment that works with our existing ICT infrastructure is great for lowering our TCO. We need fewer resources for support and administration, which is economical and a good fit for our technology.*

Debashish Majumdar
Chairman and Managing Director
Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited


Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited (IREDA) was established on 11 March 1987 as a Public Limited Government Company under the Companies Act, 1956 and it promotes, develops and extends financial assistance for renewable energy and energy efficiency/conservation projects.

IREDA is committed to give financial support to specific projects and schemes for generating electricity and / or energy through new and renewable sources and conserving energy through energy efficiency. The company maintains its position as a leading organization through efficient systems and processes for providing total satisfaction and transparency to its customers.

IREDA has 150 employees and maintains more than 150 computers including desktop computers and portable computers. Its heterogeneous environment comprised of mix of the Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista on the desktops; Microsoft Windows Server 2000 and Microsoft Windows 2003 operating systems across its servers. In order to bring in the latest technologies, the company was looking for an upgrade.

In addition, efficiency and data protection were also amongst the key priorities at IREDA. To safeguard data, the company sought to implement new IT security solutions that would improve secure access without hindering employees from working wherever and whenever.


The company was seeking a well-supported, modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that would enable all its operations to run on a single, integrated system. It needed a solution that could tie together all aspects of the business finance including accounts, payroll, and fixed assets.

In addition, the company also wanted an intranet that would make it faster, easier, and more productive for employees to work together. Currently it was difficult for employees to find relevant information and resources quickly.

In 2009 amid the ongoing growth, IREDA began to consider a complete redesigning of the company’s IT infrastructure to gain the advantages of newer technology. IREDA wanted to unify its IT environment and deliver one core infrastructure and one seamless desktop experience that is all connected and interoperable.

*It was important for us to find a software solution that could be customized or configured to align with our processes. Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 gives us the flexibility to build on those strengths and continue improving our operations.*

Abhilakh Singh
Deputy General Manager- TS
Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Limited


In order to maintain its leading position, IREDA decided to bring in the latest technologies in a cost-effective and manageable way. Eventually, after evaluating solutions from various vendors the company chose to build its infrastructure on Microsoft products and technologies. “We needed a software refresh and Microsoft provided us a technology platform with world-class functionality,” says Sanjay Kumar, Assistant Manager- System Group, IREDA.

First, the company decided to implement the Windows 7 Enterprise operating system. The decision was made on the strong feature set that provided support for system management, application deployment, and working remotely. Also, Windows 7 worked well on the company’s existing hardware. “From the very beginning we were impressed by the system’s quality and stability,” says Dinesh Kumar Singh, Assistant Manager, IREDA. “And being able to keep our existing hardware was a huge cost saving for us.”

IREDA also took the opportunity to enhance its data security by implementing Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway, and Microsoft Forefront End Protection. Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway provides threat protection for web access. It safeguards the company and its employees from malicious web sites, malware, phishing traps, and similar threats that can steal information and corrupt personal computers. At the desktop and laptop computing endpoints, the firm deploys Forefront End Protection.

With growth, it was important for IREDA to unify financial and operation management on a single platform, and optimize business processes on an ongoing basis. The ideal solution was the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0. IREDA is now successfully implemented finances services (NBFC), loan accounting system, payroll and CIBIL systems, Liability management system, fixed assets, etc., in more efficiently with Dynamics AX.

Customized Loan Management module: which caters to various stages of loan disbursement, tracks demand notices and repayment/ receipt, Non Performing Asset (NPA) projections, subsidy, rebates, etc.

IREDA has developed and implemented separate customer portal especially for customers using Microsoft technologies to disseminate loan information online. This helps increase customer satisfaction.

As per RBI requirements, the customer and project credentials are generated from Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 in Credit Rating Agency of India (CIBIL) prescribed formats. These are uploaded to the CIBIL portal for public use.

“It was important for us to find a software solution that could be customized or configured to align with our processes,” says Abhilakh Singh, Deputy General Manager - TS, IREDA. “Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 gives us the flexibility to build on those strengths and continue improving our operations.”


IREDA business system was needed to provide a quicker, cost effective approach to achieve same or better results within an Integrated Business Environment. Dynamics AX provided us an appropriate platform and a road map says Mr. N. Balaji, Assistant Manager, IREDA - AX implementation team.

By using MS SharePoint 2010, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008, the following financial workflows approvals have been implemented at IREDA:

  • Out of pocket expenses

  • Reimbursements such as medical, telephone / mobile bill reimbursement, uniform etc.

  • Salary advances etc.

IREDA also decided to enhance its legacy intranet by expanding and extending its functionality to provide teams with an entirely different model of data management and storage. The company took advantage of SharePoint Server 2010 built-in collaboration tools such as the ability to create profile pages, where employees can display and share information.

Real time information from various applications provides the latest statistics on projects with the status on the intranet. In addition, relevant reports are published on the portal. Standardizing on the Windows platform and Microsoft technology stack has simplified management of the global IT infrastructure for IREDA.

*The Microsoft Dynamic AX financial services has streamlined financial critical operations, increased system performance, maintained high levels of availability, improved customer service levels, and achieved greater flexibility and agility.*

Dinesh Kumar Singh
Assistant Manager


For IREDA the benefits of a single, unified system are evident in the quality and velocity of the work that all functional areas of the company have performed. It now has greater control of its operations and increased visibility across all areas of the business.

Insight into Business Controls Costs, Improves Productivity

With a comprehensive and integrated solution in place, IREDA has gained holistic insight into its business. “Everyone from the top management to employees have better insight and access to information,” says Mr. Debashish Majumdar. “We now have a complete view of our business.”

Microsoft Dynamics AX for financial services is an integrated, end-to-end solution that offers key capabilities to streamline and simplify business and financial management. With improved insight into operations, the company now has high level of control and increased productivity. The solution enables IREDA to reduce operating costs by automating routine business processes


Better Collaboration, Information Access

The new intranet will provide IREDA employees with enhanced collaboration tools and search functionality. These improvements will allow employees to be more responsive to each other and to customers. “With SharePoint Server, we have the tools to create an intranet that’s easy to use because it becomes easy to find the information you’re looking for,” says Mr. Abhilakh Singh. “With SharePoint Server 2010 collaboration tools, we have a single point of access to all our HR and financial information. We always have the latest details of our employees, loans, salary, and application status. This helps in getting things done faster, and better than before.”

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

IREDA has found that its decision to upgrade to Windows 7 has reduced TCO. Additionally, a consolidated IT environment is simpler and less costly to maintain. “A stable, reliable operating environment that works with our existing ICT Infrastructure is great for lowering our TCO,” says Debashish Majumdar. “We need fewer resources for support and administration, which is economical and a good fit for our technology.”

Windows 7

Works the way you want: Windows 7 will help your organization use information technology to gain a competitive advantage in today’s new world of work. Your people will be able to be more productive anywhere. You will be able to support your mobile workforce with better access to shared data and collaboration tools. And your IT staff will have better tools and technologies for enhanced corporate IT security and data protection, and more efficient deployment and management.

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Customer Size: Small Organization
Industry: Government; Financial Services
Country or Region: India
  • Windows 7 Enterprise
  • Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway
  • Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010
Organization Profile:

IREDA is a Public Limited Government Company established in 1987, under the administrative control of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) to promote, develop and extend financial assistance for renewable energy and energy efficiency/conservation projects.

Business Situation:

IREDA strives to keep pace with the latest technologies and wanted to bring the same to its employees. The company needed to improve the reliability of its disjointed systems along with desktop security and lower costs.


  • Insight into business
  • Improved collaboration, information
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Simplified business and operational processes
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Enhanced planning and decision making

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