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Tradedoubler is the European market leader in performance-based marketing, helping thousands of companies improve their online marketing and e-commerce success.

In February 2011 Tradedoubler rolled out a new and customized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system from Microsoft Dynamics, implemented by Swedish company Kentor, to become more sales focused on a European scale and save a lot of administrative COSTs.

Big cloud-based CRM installation
It is the first and biggest Microsoft cloud-based CRM installation in multiple locations around Europe.

“After growing rapidly and expanding into 18 markets across Europe, we realized that there were inconsistencies in client data management and we needed to become more sales focused at an international level to continue the next phase of growth for Tradedoubler,” says Marcel Chaudron, Director Operational Excellence at Tradedoubler.

“Now we have real time insight as to what is happening in the market. Whether it is Lithuania or Portugal, we all have the same processes and access to information.”

Unique reach in Europe
The core of Tradedoubler’s operations has always been the quantification of online results for big name customers who have used the company’s systems to measure their online performance.

The aim is to have everything in place by summer 2012.

Tradedoubler arranges and optimizes advertisements between advertisers and media agencies. Its extensive network of over 1,900 advertisers and 140,000 publishers has a unique reach in Europe.

“Fundamentally, if our customers make money, we make money, therefore it is critical that our data management is second to none,” continues Marcel Chaudron.

At present, there are 500 Tradedoubler users in the new CRM cloud-based system and everything is seamlessly integrated into Outlook, for the same look and feel with Word, Excel and other Microsoft programs.

“We wanted to stay within the same family, but customized to our needs,” says Marcel Chaudron.

Easy to follow sales processes
Although the capital investment in the new Microsoft system was not made available, the availability of Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) has changed the behavior in the company.

“We are more sales focused as a result,” says Chaudron. “Now we have real time insight and can follow sales processes in all our markets.”

Says Anders Burestig, Manager Business Solutions at Kentor, the company that implemented the Microsoft Dynamics system at Tradedoubler:

“Previously, Tradedoubler management spent time and energy bringing all this disparate information from sales teams together into one coherent sales forecast. Now they can do it all in one system.”

“This one common CRM cloud-based system for Tradedoubler, the first and biggest Microsoft Dynamics CRM cloud-based system in Europe, proves that it works for fast growing companies.”

Marcel Chaudron, Tradedoubler
Tel: +31 (0)10 220 7105

Anders Burestig, Kentor
Tel: 0708-96 60 75

Production: Appelberg
Journalist: Alexander Farnsworth

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Customer Size: Medium Organization
Industry: Advertising
Country or Region: Sweden
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Tradedoubler is an international digital marketing company who’s network is the largest in Europe with nearly 2 000 advertisers and 150 000 publishers.

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