Get industry-specific business management software
Get industry-specific business management software


Whatever your industry, you need business management software that supports industry-specific requirements and processes—without costly and time-consuming customisation and development. Microsoft Dynamics provides many industry solutions to enable your organisation to exceed expectations.


Customer care and social commerce

Consumers today are looking for a "complete shopping experience." Our vision is to empower enterprise and midsized retailers to be dynamic by delivering that experience with a seamless and differentiating solution for point of sale (POS), omni-channel management, store operations, e-commerce, merchandising, financials, supply chain, and more. This enables retailers to gain insight, operate with agility, exceed consumer expectations, and build enduring loyalty with superior time to value.

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Public sector and government

Streamline the grants management process with a single, integrated solution that connects to your existing financial systems.

The most successful public sector organizations and governments are powered by individuals who are contributing fully, able to make a difference, and committed to their employer’s success. When you unlock the potential in these people, you help them realize their full capabilities and drive significant impact. Public sector organizations—government, educational institutions, healthcare, and not-for-profit agencies—are under pressure to find new ways to cut costs, increase transparency, and improve constituent services. Empowering people to drive innovative processes is more important than ever before. Along with our partners, Microsoft offers solutions for:

  • Government. Get the tools you need to provide services to citizens—faster and more cost-effectively.

    • Government administration. Discover how increased visibility, internal controls, and reporting tools can help you (and your budget) stay a step ahead of compliance and administrative requirements.

    • Public services. Empower workers through innovative solutions and programs that enable efficiency, drive citizen engagement, and create sustainable economic and social opportunity for citizens.

    • Public safety and justice. Help improve coordination between programs and agencies, and streamline public safety management with solutions to track offenders, manage incidents, investigate crimes, and respond to emergencies.

    • Defense. Gain a powerful and flexible application framework to help you deliver defense and national security solutions that are easy to use and that leverage your current investment in Microsoft technologies, so you can more effectively manage your operations and provide real-time data and insights.

  • Educational institutions. Help enhance student productivity, manage the cost of learning, and maximize outreach to alumni.

  • Healthcare. Get what you need to improve care delivery, lower costs, and help patients manage their care and its cost.

  • Not-for-profit organizations. Help your people realize their full potential, and make your organization leaner and more responsive.

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Financial services

Become a trusted advisor to your wealth and asset management clients.

Many companies are finding that the best way to attract and retain customers is to deliver an outstanding customer experience. Whether you specialise in offering products for banking, wealth management, or insurance, Microsoft Dynamics helps you enable your people to develop meaningful and enduring relationships with your customers, while helping to improve profitability and operational efficiency.

With Microsoft Dynamics, you can empower your teams financial services teams with solutions for:

  • Wealth and asset management. Get the tools you need to become a trusted advisor to your customers, while helping to increase managed assets and reduce administrative overhead.

  • Banking. Help boost profitability, increase customer retention, and proactively manage risk.

  • Insurance. Change your organisation from policy-centric to customer-centric, and help your people be more effective.

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With the globalization of supply chains and with increasing customer demand for innovation and lower costs, manufacturers today need easy-to-use, flexible solutions to more effectively manage their business. Microsoft Dynamics addresses these needs with powerful, flexible, integrated-by-design process and discrete manufacturing solutions.

With a Microsoft Dynamics solution for manufacturing, you can:

  • Transform planning and operations. Improve your capabilities to compete in a global environment, responding rapidly to customer demand, and get the tools to lower your operational costs.

  • Drive innovation. Help grow your business by addressing constantly evolving customer needs.

  • Enable speed and agility. Improve capabilities to compete in the global market.

  • Enable speed and agility. Inspire action through operations intelligence.

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Service industries

Cultivating reliably unique client experiences

Today’s clients need highly responsive and transparent service delivery with clear economic value. Our purpose is to help providers meet and exceed these expectations by delivering reputation-enhancing service experiences reliably, across offices, practices, and time zones.

With a Microsoft Dynamics solution for service industries, you can:

  • Capitalize on talent and catalyze innovation. Improve utilisation by balancing people and project assignments across offices, practices, and time zones, while enabling virtual teams with rich, real-time collaboration.

  • Cultivate reliably unique client experiences. Build your firm’s reputation—one client service experience at a time—with business applications and methodologies that deliver predictable outcomes.

  • Compress time to insight and action. Make smarter decisions faster with rich contextual and role-specific information that can drive automation and streamline execution.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives communications service providers a customer service, sales, and marketing solution that combines the power of productivity with ease of use to enable improved customer satisfaction and reduced customer churn.

  • Differentiate your customer experiences. Customers want to interact with you on their terms. Providing choice in a multichannel world will help ensure that you are "in the game" at each moment of truth in your customer relationship. Customer relationship management (CRM) allows you to engage effectively across each of these key channels.

  • Improve operational efficiency. Help boost profitability, increase customer retention, and proactively manage risk.

  • Gain customer insight. Offer your customers personalized care to build loyalty and to help increase your revenue. Understand your customers' spending behavior better, and enhance the customer engagement and experience.

  • Improve business intelligence. Quickly access, analyze, and take action on all the data in your business. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you unlock the power of your business data for users across finance, marketing, sales, customer care, and operations with visual tools and real-time reports.

  • Enhance customer service. Provide customer service agents with rich and holistic information about every customer so you can offer fast, accurate, and personalized service to delight customers and help win loyalty.

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