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Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables more productive people and processes

Enhance collaboration and connect people to process to reach new levels of productivity

Do you want to improve collaboration while helping people to work faster and smarter across your organization? Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides an intuitive, familiar user experience and comprehensive set of business management tools that connect your people to the right process—and to each other—across departments, locations, and even multiple organizations.

Improve communication and collaboration throughout your organization

When people can more easily communicate and collaborate, they are more productive. Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help by:

  • Providing accurate and accessible information. All data is stored in a single database and employees can easily drill down from all screens and access real-time information.

  • Expediting information-sharing across multiple sites and teams. Take advantage of Windows SharePoint Services to bring information and functionality from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to your employees across locations.

  • Linking Microsoft Dynamics NAV records to relevant documents. The Record Links feature in Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables you to link Microsoft Dynamics NAV records to relevant documents such as reports and spreadsheets. For example, you could link documents from Microsoft Office SharePoint Server or on a file server to a sales order or purchase order.

  • Connecting multiple organizations. Many large or international organizations use Microsoft Dynamics NAV in their subsidiaries, in some cases integrating it with a central ERP system at their headquarters. As a result, these organizations can better share information, while enabling subsidiaries to work more effectively by using a familiar, highly adaptable solution built specifically for them.

Work faster and smarter

Microsoft Dynamics NAV works the way your people do, empowering them to be more productive and drive the success of your business. Here’s how:

  • Making faster, better-informed decisions. Based on extensive research into how people really work, Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers a RoleTailored user experience that simplifies access to information and functionality based on an employee’s specific role. Through the RoleTailored interface, employees gain visibility into relevant business activities, such as tasks, worksheets, notifications, lists, key performance indicators (KPIs), and reports—enabling them to more easily prioritize their work and make faster, better-informed decisions.

  • Getting up to speed faster. Microsoft Dynamics NAV looks and feels like other Microsoft products and technologies, minimizing training and accelerating productivity from the start.

  • Using the tools they already know. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, employees can work in many of the tools they already know, such as the Microsoft Office system. For example, they can create reports in Excel with data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV or export data directly to Word for the faster creation of invoices, sales orders, and other business documents. Microsoft Dynamics NAV can even synchronize with Outlook, enabling employees to schedule meetings, manage contacts, and send email without needing to switch applications.

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