Microsoft Dynamics POS

Optimize store performance and help make your people more productive


Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009 retail inventory management and reporting

Fundamental to your retail business's success is your ability to manage and report on your inventory. With Microsoft Dynamics POS 2009, you get advanced and effective inventory management and reporting tools. With these tools, you can

  • Access, analyze, and share current, detailed data across your entire business—including multiple store locations—with a wide range of flexible reports.

  • Take advantage of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services to create ad-hoc, easy-to-use reports to share across your organization as well as advanced reporting options, such as inline search, reporting across multiple datasets, and data export to Microsoft Office Excel or Adobe Acrobat.

  • Use a powerful search capability to bring valuable reports and inventory data to the cashier view for enhanced productivity and customer service.

  • Schedule replenishment precisely and fill demand to meet individual store needs with visibility into current inventory and your supply chain.

  • Help achieve higher inventory turns and gross margin return on investment (GMROI) while you reduce costs in the supply chain by managing inventory detail. Filter item data by using groups of characteristics such as style, color, and size, and make changes in real time to inventory levels, pricing, and discounts

  • Connect sales information to your supply chain for more efficient management of product life cycles by using integrated processes that help you optimize stock levels at stores and distribution centers.