Adding hardware to a register

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3  Configure the device in Microsoft Dynamics RMS

Testing devices in Microsoft Dynamics RMS

Make sure the device is working before you attempt to use it with Microsoft Dynamics RMS. Consult the device instructions or see the test suggestions in the installation instruction sheet for the device.

The best way to test a new device is to use it as you intend to use it during store hours. For example, you can print a receipt or X report on the receipt printer, swipe a card through the MSR, or weigh an item on the scale. To see a brief procedure for performing a test with little or no alteration of your actual store data, click the type of device you want to test.

Cash Drawer



Net Display


Pole Display

Receipt Printer



Signature Capture

Touch Screen


Testing a PIN pad

You can verify that the PIN pad is communicating with the OPOS control used by Microsoft Dynamics RMS by running the OPOS configuration utility provided with Store Operations. The only way to test a PIN pad from within Microsoft Dynamics RMS is to actually process a debit card transaction. This will affect your inventory, debit the card account, and possibly incur fees. You can, however, void the transaction afterward to reverse the changes.

Verifying PIN pad communication

  1. On the Start menu, point to Programs or All Programs, point to Microsoft Dynamics RMS, and then click Configure Microsoft OPOS Service Objects.

  2. In the Device type box, select PINPad.

  3. In the OPOS device name box, select the PIN pad.

  4. Click Test.

Test results

If a message appears that indicates that the test was successful, the PIN pad is communicating with the OPOS control.

Testing the PIN pad by processing a transaction

  1. Configure Store Operations to process debit cards. For more information, see "Integrating EDC software" in Store Operations Administrator Online Help.

  2. In Store Operations POS, run a Z report to make any new debit card tender types available, and then add an item to the transaction.

  3. Press F12: Tender, and then use the arrow keys to move the cursor to the box for a debit card tender type.

  4. Type a payment amount, and then press ENTER.

  5. When the Debit Card Verification dialog box appears, swipe the debit card or type the account number. A message will appear indicating that Store Operations POS is waiting for a PIN number.

  6. Using the keys on the PIN pad, accept the transaction amount, type the PIN number, and then press the OK or Enter button.

Test results

If the transaction is processed and completed, the PIN pad is working.

  1. To undo the changes to your inventory, void the test transaction. If you want to apply a credit to the debit card account, use the debit card tender type for the refund. You will need to enter the PIN number again, and you might incur fees from your processor.