Academic Volume Licensing

Academic Volume Licensing programs provide simple, flexible, volume-based pricing. Microsoft has a variety of program options available to fit the diverse needs of educators and students.


With the various discounts and licensing options available to students, teachers, and academic organizations, you can get more software, services, and solutions for your money.

Subscription Licensing Programs

Subscription licensing gives you the rights to run a selection of products, and any upgrades or downgrades of those products, for a designated term. For application, system, and Client Access License (CAL) products licensed organization-wide, even if the number of computers or users grows, enrollees remain fully licensed throughout their designated term and only need to report increases on their computers or FTE employees on their annual order.

Options are also available that enable students to use selected products on personally owned computers or on institution-owned computers assigned to them.

All products licensed through either of the two subscription licensing offerings below include Software Assurance; a comprehensive maintenance offering that helps you maximize your investment.

Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES)

EES is available to both primary/secondary and higher education institutions, and offers the simplicity of counting people instead of PCs/devices and the flexibility to add additional products as needed.

School Enrollment

School Enrollment is designed for primary/secondary schools and preschools, and offers the simplicity of licensing all products organization-wide where you can order any product for a quantity that matches the annual count of your organization’s PCs/devices.

Perpetual Licensing Programs

With transactional volume licensing programs, customers acquire perpetual software licenses (meaning that the institution owns the licenses) while eliminating the costs and packaging of retail software.

Open License for Academic

Open License for Academic offers one license agreement and a "pay-as-you-go" approach to volume licensing for academic institutions of all sizes. Open License for Academic customers can administer licenses online with (eOpen) and may choose to grant Work at Home rights to faculty and staff. In addition, Open License for Academic offers you the option to include Software Assurance which allows you to stay current with the latest versions of your licensed software.

Select Plus for Academic

Select Plus for Academic offers a non-expiring agreement, the flexibility to acquire licenses as needed, a single customer ID to streamline account management across multiple affiliates, and the ability to add value with a full 36 months of Software Assurance.