Use hidden text in Microsoft Office Word 2007

Learn how to create hidden text and helpful student instructions using Microsoft Office Word 2007.

Use hidden text in Microsoft Office Word 2007

With the hidden text feature in Microsoft Office Word 2007, you can help students improve their writing skills. Create worksheet templates that include writing prompts or offer helpful instructions. Watch the video


You can use the hidden text feature in Office Word 2007 to add instructions or prompts.

Add detailed directions and well-placed prompts to a worksheet, and then format the added text as hidden. As students work on an assignment, they can view the hidden text to read your instructions and then hide the text to see only their own work.

To create hidden text in a worksheet:

  1. Draft your assignment using Office Word 2007, noting areas where you could provide support in the form of directions or prompts for students.
  2. When your document is completed, highlight the directions or prompts that you want hidden.
  3. On the Home tab in the Font group, click the dialog box launcher. In the Effects area, select Hidden, and then click OK.
  4. The selected text will disappear from your document. It's still there—just hidden from view.
  5. To see hidden text, on the Home tab in the Paragraph group, click the Show/Hide button. This toggles hidden text and formatting marks on and off.

Note: As a default, hidden text does not print.

Teacher Tips

  • Now you see it, now you don't

    Show students how to use the Show/Hide button before they start to work on the document. You may find it helpful to make hidden text bold (or a different color) to help students recognize that it is not intended to be a part of their final document.