Academic Summit Resources

  • Speaker biography - Rob Howard

    Rob Howard is Senior Program Manager on the SharePoint product team. He has a passion for collaborative applications because they enhance individual and organizational productivity.

  • Speaker biography - Jim Ptaszynski

    Jim Ptaszynski joined Microsoft in October 1995, having spent the past 16 years in higher education. For the six years prior to Microsoft, he was the associate dean at the Graduate School of Management at Wake Forest University.

  • Speaker biography - Harold Javid

    Harold Javid is director of the Microsoft Research Connections regional programs for North America, Latin America and Australia/New Zealand.

  • Speaker biography - Jamie Puente

    Jaime Puente is the Director of Microsoft Research Connections responsible for Microsoft Research's engagements in Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • Speaker biography - Gustavo Fridman

    Gustavo is the Microsoft Higher Education Solutions Manager for Latin America & the Caribbean - dedicated to empower all people to realize their social and economic potential by providing access to quality educational experiences through technology.