Professional Development


Attend workshops and academic conferences, test drive software, collaborate with Microsoft Research, and advance your professional goals.

Training & Certification

Sharpen your skills at your own pace with e-learning courses. Certifications are available for most Microsoft technologies and skill levels, from business workers to IT professionals.
  • Faculty Connection program

    The Microsoft Faculty Connection is your source for information on faculty preparation, learning activities, presentation material, reference information, softrware, tools and training resources.

  • Microsoft Certifications

    To help you succeed in today's competitive job market, whether you are looking for new opportunities or advancing in your current position, you need to build and demonstrate your technology expertise and skills.

  • Microsoft Online Training

    Learn at your own pace with online training courses from Microsoft.

  • Short learning modules - Learning snacks

    Microsoft Silverlight Learning Snacks are short, interactive presentations about popular topics created by Microsoft Learning experts.

Microsoft Virtual Labs

Test-drive software for the classroom using new programming tools and database and application servers. Work in free, online virtual test environments with guided, hands-on lab modules that can be completed in 90 minutes.
  • Business Intelligence

    Try out a business intelligence virtual lab to test out the technology stack that Microsoft has built to help decision makers improve business performance at strategic, tactical, and organizational levels.

  • Windows Phone

    Integrating mobile solutions into your organization can mean easier, faster access to up-to-date information, increased productivity, and enhanced collaboration. Windows Phone 7 for health and life sciences can help streamline operations and lower costs.

Research & Collaboration

Tap into a collective knowledge resource. The Microsoft Research group collaborates with government and industry partners, and across Microsoft business groups internationally, in pursuit of technological innovations.
  • Microsoft DreamSpark

    Microsoft DreamSpark provides free access to professional software development, gaming, and design tools to inspire students to explore the power of software and encourage them to forge the next wave of software-driven breakthroughs.

  • Microsoft BizSpark

    Microsoft® BizSpark™ is a global program that helps fast-track the success of early stage technology startups with all the right resources, including software, support & marketing visibility.

  • Microsoft Careers

    You have unique experiences, skills and passions—and we believe you can bring them all to Microsoft for a rich, rewarding career and lifestyle that will surprise you with its breadth and potential.

  • Microsoft IT Academy Student Pass

    The Microsoft IT Academy Student Pass is a special no-cost online learning opportunity for university students in technical studies.

  • Microsoft Research Internships

    Microsoft Research offers internship opportunities at research locations around the world.

  • Microsoft Students to Business

    This program connects students with Microsoft partners and customers to gain practical experience for entry-level positions and internships.