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Global Connections

Learn more about Shout - a worldwide program designed to help educators and students use technology to address global environmental issues.

​Want to give your students a voice? A voice that needs to be heard? A voice of leadership? Help them Shout! Shout connects educators with rich content, tools, expertise, and collaboration opportunities that get students to take action on global issues.

Microsoft Partners in Learning, the Smithsonian Institution and TakingITGlobal are continuing to expand the Shout program, which was announced at last year’s Global Forum in South Africa. The partnership harnesses the power of technology to connect research and education resources with teachers and their students around the globe so they can act as a driving force for significant, positive contributions to the environment.

This year’s program will focus on water quality and quantity, to ensure that water is safe for both people and the environment, as well as managing the crises of too much water and not enough water.

Innovative use of current and emerging technology enables a virtual learning community and provides learners with the tools to engage in, communicate about, and take action on real environmental issues. Shout challenges educators and learners to reach out, to connect, to engage and to collaboratively explore solutions, while learning 21st Century skills.

How to get involved

  1. Check out and register for the Smithsonian’s free online events where you can meet some of the world’s leading scientists as well as experts in arts and humanities. Sessions are appropriate for teachers and students.

  2. Join the Shout community on the Partners in Learning Network, for competition details, supportive peers and mentors, new content and curricula and tips and tricks for incorporating Shout challenges into your curriculum to improve 21st Century skills.

  3. Download a complimentary Teacher's Guide and start a Challenge! Every Shout web event kicks off a new theme and presents a Teacher's Guide with exceptional challenge projects for classrooms. There are local and global options for extension to the community as well as technology tools recommended for each activity.