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Partners in Learning

Partners in Learning

Every child deserves a great education - Microsoft Partners in Learning can help.

​We believe that education can change the world.

​We believe that education is the single most important investment in the future of individuals, communities, nations, and the world - that it is vital to sustainable social and economic success. It is also a fundamental human right. The reality is that education, globally, faces a crisis; a crisis of resources, of time, and of support. Governments need help. School leaders need help. Educators need help. Students need help.

That’s where Microsoft Partners in Learning can lend a hand. We help educators and school leaders connect, collaborate, create, and share so that students can realize their greatest potential. We have the tools and the technology to help educators do what they do best: teaching kids and growing young minds. Microsoft Partners in Learning is a 10-year, almost 500 million dollar global initiative aimed at improving teaching and learning. Since 2003, we’ve led the way in partnering with educators, helping nearly 8 million educators and reaching more than 190 million students in 114 countries in our first 7 years alone.

We believe that technology is simply a tool that when used appropriately in an educational context can help improve teaching and learning. But technology is only one piece of a larger solution supported by peer coaching, professional development for school leaders and educators, and the innovations in teaching and learning being led by educators on the ground, every day.