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Microsoft in Education

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Microsoft Windows 7

Save time with tools that make you more productive, while getting greater security, reliability, and manageability for local and remote computers.

Deliver the same great learning experience on tablets, laptops, smartphones, and desktops.

Make learning personal

Students and educators can create a Windows 8 experience that’s tailored to their needs.

  • Designed for touch, mouse, and keyboard, Windows 8 lets students interact with their device in ways that mirror real life experiences.
  • With the new Start screen, students can pin the people, apps, and sites they use most – making the experience uniquely theirs.
  • Education apps downloaded once from the Windows Store are accessible to students on multiple Windows 8 devices.
  • When students sign in to their home computers, they’ll have the same experience that’s on their school device.
  • Specialized apps, ease of access tools, and key features like narrator, speech recognition and magnifier improve learning opportunities for students with learning difficulties or disabilities.

Connect in entirely new ways

​The classroom will be connected like never before with Windows 8, allowing students and educators to share and interact even when outside the classroom.

  • ​Staying connected to classmates and educators is easier than ever with built-in apps like Mail, Calendar, Photos, and Messaging.
  • Students can store everything on SkyDrive and access and edit files, class projects, photos, and more from anywhere. Wherever there’s Internet, they’re connected to the cloud.
  • The information students care about most flows effortlessly to them through live tiles and timely notifications.
  • The share charm allows for easy sharing of content, classwork, or pictures.

Announcing Windows 8 -- Reimagined for Learning

Windows 8 creates an experience that helps schools improve educational outcomes, bring learning to life for students, and build 21st century skills. Both students and educators can consume and upload data, connect and collaborate, and even create a presentation – all while working from anywhere. With Windows 8, the world is your classroom.

Learn in harmony

Windows 8 delivers an immersive learning experience that blends work and play and makes education fun.

  • Windows 8 provides the full desktop experience and allows students to pull information from various sources. This also means students can use the same device for all their needs.
  • Using charms, students can search for information through Bing or even within their apps – giving them the ability to easily find what they need when they need it.
  • Multitasking is simple by snapping two apps side-by-side. Students can chat with classmates while working on a report and switch between apps with a simple swipe motion.
  • With a touch PC, students can quickly zoom to customize their view or group and rearrange apps on the Start Screen.