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Research Management

Research Management

Manage and multiply your research power and productivity.

Today’s research requirements are significant. Parsing large amounts of data, publishing and dissemination of information, sharing and collaboration with multiple teams and partners around the globe, tracking and accounting for grants… the technology needs for research units are unique, considerable, time consuming, and costly.

Microsoft Research Management solutions can help you meet these needs by creating an efficient research environment powered by cutting-edge technologies. Working directly with our partners and several university research units, we’ve designed solutions to enable better collaboration and deliver smarter tools for analysis, development and professional authoring, plus scalable and powerful on-demand computing power at a lower cost of ownership.

Get research done and published in less time and at a lower cost

Research management solutions help you with:

  • Experiments and simulations: Employ powerful computing for faster analysis
  • Collaboration: Facilitate local and global access to scientists and their work in a secure environment
  • Archiving and storage: Simplify compliance by securing and centralizing research data and controlling user access
  • Dissemination: Streamline work by ensuring uninterrupted access to scientific applications and data
  • Administration: Accelerate deployment by performing grant management, document preparation, and management of post publication data
  • Analytics: Extract knowledge from varied inputs/data sets by for pattern recognition and complex data reduction and visualization

Learn more by taking advantage of a 90-day free trial of Windows Azure, or downloading free SharePoint extensions for the Virtual Research Environment.