Innovative Teaching and Learning Research

Innovative Teaching and Learning Research

Microsoft initiated the Innovative Teaching and Learning (ITL) Research project to contribute information and policy insights on where and how effective education transformation is taking place around the world.

ITL Research is a multiyear global research program designed to investigate the factors that promote the transformation of teaching practices and the impact those changes have on students’ learning outcomes across a broad range of country contexts.

Education and political leaders in countries around the world have recognized the imperative to prepare their youth for the 21st Century. That’s why Microsoft is a proud sponsor of the Innovative Teaching and Learning (ITL) Research project.

This ambitious initiative, launched in 2009 in Russia, Finland, Indonesia, and Senegal, aims to provide education policy evidence on what achieves results for students when integrating technology into teaching and learning. Learn more about how this program:

  • Partners with global and local education leaders such as UNESCO and local Ministries of Education, including them in the research design process to ensure relevance.

  • Shares data and results openly with all research partners and with the broader academic education community.

  • Contributes research instruments and tools to the public domain that schools and educators can use to monitor their transformation (again, in partnership with UNESCO, local ministries of education and other stakeholders).