Education Desktop

Education Desktop

Give faculty, staff, administrators, and students powerful desktops that are secure and easy to manage.

With the Microsoft education desktop, you can

  • Create rich, interactive content
  • Deliver engaging learning experiences
  • Help improve productivity
  • Prepare students for the future of work
  • Reduce costs and simplify IT management

Empower teaching and learning, and help improve student outcomes

Fuel innovation, prepare students for the future, and help reduce costs with Microsoft-based education desktops and devices for your school. Give your students, staff, and educators familiar, easy-to-use tools they'll rely on every day to learn, communicate, and work together. With the Windows operating system, Microsoft Office, and a wealth of free tools, you can keep your school and students at the front of the line.

Help improve student engagement, maximize learning, and reduce IT complexity and costs with Windows-based devices. From notebooks to slates to smartphones in the classroom, labs, and across your school, you can give your students the tools they need today and prepare them for the future.

Create compelling schoolwork.
See homework come to life with rich, interactive learning and content-creation tools. With Microsoft Office and Windows, students can quickly create compelling multimedia presentations, reports, projects, videos, photo galleries, blogs, podcasts, and more.

Deliver captivating courses.
Make it easier for educators to create captivating multimedia presentations and course materials, with Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, and SkyDrive. Teachers can record their classes, edit them as professional podcasts and videos, and then upload them for students to access online.

Engage with interactive tools.
Get students involved with polls, quizzes, and real-time activities. Microsoft Interactive Classroom, Mouse Mischief, and Microsoft Math integrate with Microsoft Office and connect teachers and students for active participation in class lessons.

Enjoy free lesson plans, guides, and tools.
From lesson plans and teaching guides to product how-to's and free tools, Microsoft provides a wealth of free resources for teachers and for faculty to help educators engage and inspire their students.

Enjoy anywhere access.
With Office Web Apps 2010—online companions to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote—you can review, edit, share, and work together on documents from any supported web browser, across devices. And Office Mobile 2010 makes it easy to view and edit documents from supported smartphones.

Build 21st-century skills.
Support lifelong learning, and prepare students for the work world. Microsoft technology training and special programs for education, like Microsoft IT Academy, Innovative Educator Program, and DreamSpark, spur digital literacy and professional development.

Get flexible licensing options.
Help increase the flexibility of your school or campus PCs, devices, and labs by upgrading to Windows 7 and Office 2010. Make the most of the software upgrades you invested in with Software Assurance and your Microsoft Volume Licensing agreement.