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Cincinnati Day School using Windows 8 tablets, Office, and education apps to bringing modern learning to life.

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Enhance learning opportunities in your classroom with the right combination of technologies and devices.

Inspire school leadership teams to look at things differently

  • Transform the way you teach and improve students' learning outcomes
  • Update the way you assess information through a variety of technology and devices
  • Improve the way students learn and build 21st century skills

Preparing students for an unknown future

Windows in the Classroom seminars are a source of inspiration to school leaders and educators who want to better understand how technology can be used in the classroom.

  • Explore the tools and technologies to help educators teach 21st century skills and optimize their classrooms for advanced student achievement

  • Learn about the wide range of Microsoft software and devices and how they apply to learning

  • Enhance your 1-to1 learning program

  • Learn how Windows 8 can extend learning and be used to inspire students and improve educational outcomes

Enhance learning with these seminars

Guided by a qualified education trainer, these two-hour sessions can be held at your school or in the local area. In these seminars you will:

  • See rich curriculum samples and global examples of best practices that demonstrate how technology can enhance teaching, learning, and assessment for students

  • Understand how technology and devices enable consumption, creation, and collaboration for students, educators, and parents

  • Learn how different devices can bring learning to life in a range of scenarios

  • See how students can continue learning where they left off – at home, in the library, or at the classroom

  • Discover how students can organize their learning, take notes, and become highly efficient in the way they study

  • Learn where to get free tools that spark imagination and inspire learning

Building partners for the future

View the Windows in the Classroom video for more information on how to use technology to enhance learning for students.