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Training providers get access to over 150 hours of training content, marketing assets, and special recognition on the Partners in Learning Network.

Governments, institutions, and schools around the world are seeking ways to ensure students leave with the skills they need to be successful in today's knowledge-based economy. Research shows that innovative teaching practices, combined with ICT are two key factors that lead to students' acquisition of 21st century skills. But how do we scaffold professional development in a way that supports teachers and school leaders on that path to innovation? How can we support them so that ICT is integrated into their daily practice?
Join teacher trainers from NGOs, commercial providers, local governments and districts and become part of the new Partners in Learning Training provider program. 
  • Learn about the latest research findings on effective (and ineffective) professional development models and the implications for teacher trainers.
  • Understand how you can utilize Microsoft Partners in Learning professional development including needs assessment, adaptable training materials, and evaluation tools.
  • Access level 100 (Digital Literacy), 200 (Teaching with Technology), and 300 (21st Century Learning Design) research-based professional development and adapt to meet your needs.
  • Participate in ongoing discussions, professional development and receive recognition for the important work you do.
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  • Attend a train-the-trainer webcast series, held quarterly. Click here to register now.
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