Relationship Management

Relationship Management

Simplify the way you manage relationships with students, faculty, alumni, and others.

Microsoft relationship management and recruitment solutions can help your school:

  • Manage the recruitment process
  • Meet enrollment and retention goals
  • Improve fundraising from alumni and donors
  • Increase productivity and enhance collaboration

Deepen relationships across the education community

Get a 360-degree view of faculty, staff, students, and alumni.
Obtain better control and visibility of faculty, staff, student, and donor records to help deepen those relationships.

Track and recruit prospects.
Get the support you need to gain top recruits—whether faculty, staff, students, or athletes. Help manage the full application process life cycle, and monitor the success of recruitment efforts. Even create enrollment and admissions profiles for Higher Education prospects.

Help build long-lasting alumni and donor relationships.
Get the tools that your institution needs for more effective fundraising and development. Gain insights about your donors to help you target campaigns effectively and build long-lasting relationships.

Collaborate across campuses.
Use built-in tools to automate processes for workflows and for collaboration with other institutions. Faculty, administrators, and staff can work together, regardless of location, with advanced data synchronization and mobility features.

Simplify the grant process.
Increase transparency and accountability in your grants management processes. Streamline applications, track status, manage payments and milestones, and submit required documents—from almost anywhere—on an increasing number of devices.

Get more choices for effective institutional IT.
Help avoid vendor lock-down with a flexible platform that interoperates with your existing data, content, and processes from multiple systems and devices. Microsoft solutions for education give you deployment options—on-premises, the cloud, or a hybrid.

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