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We can connect you to a Microsoft partner who can install Office 365.

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Innovation happens when school leaders think big.

How can you increase productivity and maximize learning?

  • ​Access a rich, global community of resources for your school
  • Enable a platform for collaboration within your community
  • Adopt world-class technology to catalyze change in the classroom

Global school leaders community

​Through the Microsoft Innovative Schools program, Microsoft helps educators discover, share, and scale best practices, and develop assets to help students and educators reach their full potential.

We help school leaders drive their own innovation processes while identifying partners, technologies, and environments that further improve student learning.

The Microsoft Innovative Schools program facilitates collaboration between members of the community and like-minded school leaders and education experts, to take education beyond the limits of the classroom and traditional learning models.

Join Microsoft Partners in Learning to access rich, research-based resources for your school leaders and staff.

"I have actively engaged all stakeholders in this process through appreciative inquiry and the excellent resources made available to us from the Network. It has been fantastic working with other schools globally, particularly our Mentor school in The Netherlands, keeping in touch and communicating regularly via social networking tools such as Twitter, Facebook and Live Meeting."

- Lyle Walker, Principal, Parkhurst State School, Queensland, Australia

Collaboration platform for your school

Microsoft understands your need to provide a place where leaders, teachers, and students can connect, collaborate, and coach each other in a secure, safe environment.

Office 365 for Education delivers all of this and more. We offer educational institutions hosted email co-branded with your school, plus calendars, instant messaging, group video and voice chat, storage, and online document viewing and editing.

These tools can save you both time and resources. Office 365 communication and collaboration services are complimentary and without advertisements.

World-class technology

Are you making the most out of your technology to impact your students’ future? Do you have the fastest, most secure technology? The best and most affordable way to address these questions is through the Up To Date program, by which your institution can access the latest versions of Windows and Office.

To help make this more affordable, we are offering a 50 percent discount for the first year of your three-year subscription when you upgrade from Office 2010 or Windows 7.
Offer available for a limited time.

It’s a great way to take advantage of the latest software for learning, which includes world class security and speed, continued support, rich educational resources, and free tools and applications.

Use technology to catalyze change and increase the impact of your curriculum, pedagogy, and academic research to improve the way teachers teach and students learn.